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5 Tips for a Longer Battery Life for Your Computer

Posted by Roland on 12/9/2013
Computer batteries can be expensive to replace when they stop charging. Usually they give you a warning that they not working properly. It may take longer to recharge them, they may not charge every time and there are those occasions when they just stop working for no apparent reason. The life of your computer battery can be extended with a little thought and routine maintenance saving you time, money and frustration.

Five tips that give you longer battery life are:

1. Properly installing your new battery provides you with a long lasting dependable charge. New batteries need to be fully charged and then fully discharged then recharged again. This process allows the battery to reach its peak charging ability for your particular system. The battery will then be able to supply maximum usage time before replacement.

2. Regular maintenance prolongs your battery’s life use as well as keeping your system in top performance. Periodically clean your contacts and defrag your system. Too many programs bog down your computer and use more energy. Always keep track of the temperatures your electronics are being exposed to. Higher temperatures cause damage to equipment and power sources.

3. Disconnect any hardware and wireless systems that are not necessary for daily operation of your systems. Open access to your WIFI when it is not in use draws on the battery. Disable blue tooth devices and take out USB’s that are not being used because they always use energy even when you are not using them.

4. Close unnecessary programs and alter your computer commands to reach maximum efficiency. Many computers come with standard programs that automatically start up when you turn on your systems. Go through these programs and either remove them, if possible, or alter their start command in your Control Panel. While in your Control Panel, reduce the brightness of your screen to save energy. Turning your volume down or better yet, to mute, will save even more battery power.

5. A big energy sink are movies and games. The computer uses a lot of power to backlight the screen and opens multiple programs to produce the affects you expect. Play your games and videos on designated equipment and save your battery for your computer.

Computer batteries can last a long time if cared for properly. A little effort will save you money and help you protect your equipment while ensuring a dependable power supply when you need it.

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