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Compaq Presario V6500 V6600 V6700 V6800 Battery 446507-001

Part Number 446507-001
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Compaq Presario V6500 V6600 V6700 V6800 Battery 446507-001
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Want more video viewing, music, photos, and games without having to plug in your AC adapter? The key is maximizing your battery life. This Smart Lithium-Ion battery works with your notebook to reduce power consumption, letting you work longer than with other types of batteries.

General Information
Part Number 446507-001
Alternative Part Numbers 446506-001, 441425-001, 440772-001
Condition New
Manufacturer HP / Compaq
Battery Type Li-Ion (Lithium)
Output Voltage 10.8 V
Capacity 2550 mAh - 55 WH
Dimentions 0.8" x 0.9" x 8.1"
Weight 0.73 lbs
Number of Cells 6


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