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Compaq Tablet TC1000 TC1100 TC4200 65W AC Adapter 285288-001

Part Number 417220-001-18
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Compaq Tablet TC1000 TC1100 TC4200 65W AC Adapter 285288-001
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Original HP 65 W Global AC Adapter
Power Cord is included

General Information
Part Number 417220-001
Alternative Part Number 380467-005, 381090-001, 239427-001, 239704-001, DC359A, 265602-001, DL606A, 285288-001, 285546-001, 338136-001, 371790-001, 380467-001, 380467-003, 402018-001, 403810-001, 383494-001, 409843-001
Condition New
Manufacturer HP / Compaq
Input 100-240VAC 1.5A 50-60Hz
Output 18.5V x 3.5A
Wattage 65 Watt
Dimensions 4.25" x 1.75" x 1.20"


Compaq Tablet PC TC1000 Series: TC1000, 470044-783, 470044-784, 470044-785, 470044-786, 470044-787, 470044-788, 470044-790, 470045-149, 470045-150, 470045-152, 470045-153, 470045-154, 470045-155, 470045-156, 470045-157, 470045-204, 470045-205, 470045-206, 470045-207, 470045-208, 470045-209, 470045-210, 470045-211, 470045-212, 470045-213, 470045-236, 470045-237, 470045-238, 470045-239, 470045-240, 470045-241, 470045-242, 470045-243, 470045-244, 470045-245, 470045-246, 470045-247, 470045-248, 470045-249, 470045-251, 470045-252, 470045-253, 470045-254, 470045-255, 470045-273, 470046-340, 470046-341, 470046-342, 470046-343, 470046-344, 470046-345, 470046-346, 470046-347, 470046-348, 470046-349, 470046-350, 470046-352, 470050-336, 470056-156, 470059-613, 470059-744, 470060-199, 470060-204, 470060-205, 470060-206, 470060-207, 470060-208, 470060-209, 470060-210, 470060-211, 470060-212, 470060-213, 470060-214, 470060-216, 470060-231, 470060-232, 470060-233, 470060-234, 470060-235, 470060-236, 470060-237, 470060-242, 470060-243, 470060-244, 470060-245, 470060-246, 470060-247, 470060-248, 470060-249, 470060-250, 470060-251, 470060-252, 470060-286, 470060-311, 470060-335, 470061-215, 470061-460, DG985A, DL990AR, DL990A
Compaq Tablet PC TC1100 Series: TC1100, DK960AV, DN521PS, DQ611AV, DQ871AR, DQ871A, DQ872AR, DQ872A, DQ873AR, DQ873A, DQ989A, DQ990AR, DQ990A, DR909A, DT481A, DT482A, DT998AV, DT999AV, DU676PR, DU676P, DU677P, DU678P, DU679PR, DU679P, DU682PR, DU682P, DU683P, DU684P, DU685PR, DU685P, DU686PR, DU686P, DU689PR, DU689P, DU694P, DU705P, DU706P, DU707P, DV467P, DX381P, DX382PR, DX382P, DX867S, DX993PC, DY861PA, DZ917AV, DZ918AV, DZ937US, EA196UC, EA236UC, EA372AV, EA373AV, EA491PA, EA538PA, EA539PA, EA779UC, EB356US, EB452US, EB520US, EB521US, EB529US, EB544US, EB570USR, EB570US, ED249UC, ED676PA, ED677PA, EE006UC, EE091PA, EE092PA, EE158PA, EE176PA, EF127UC, EF218UC, EF280UC, EF440US, EF449US, EF498US, EF907PA, EF914PA, EG399UC, EG802EP, EG812LA, EH301PA, EH304PA, EH322PA, EH323PA, EH513UC, EJ054UC, EL264UC, EM613UC, EN787UC, EN820EPR, EN820EP, PA604PA, PA605PA, PB486PS, PB719PAR, PB719PA, PC316USR, PC316US, PC317US, PC318USR, PC318US, PC955US, PC962PSR, PC962PS, PC966PSR, PC966PS, PD540UC, PD926AV, PD927AV, PD928AV, PD929AV, PE739PA, PE757PA, PE788PS, PE803UC, PF292AA, PF660UCR, PF660UC, PF981PS, PF989AV, PF990AV, PG424US, PG465US, PG498US, PG519US, PG674ES, PG829EAR, PG829EA, PG829LA, PG998US, PH046UC, PH367PS, PH664UC, PK038PSR, PK038PS, PK039PS, PK225AAR, PK225AA, PK226AAR, PK226AA, PK236AA, PK622US, PK937UC, PL549US, PL553US, PL556US, PL579UAR, PL579UA, PL584USR, PL584US, PL592US, PL593USR, PL593US, PL711PAR, PL711PA, PL731PA, PL732PAR, PL732PA, PL774UC, PM079PS, PM482PA, PM483PA, PM487PA, PM488PA, PM489PA, PM490PA, PM685UC, PM756PA, PM759PA, PN323LA, PN723PA, PN730PA, PN780ES, PN794UC, PN866PA, PN867PA, PP801UC, PP819US, PP834AAR, PP834AA, PQ154PA, PQ155PA, PQ156PA, PQ157PA, PQ173PA, PQ239PAR, PQ239PA, PQ249PA, PQ250PA, PQ251PA, PQ436US, PQ792PA, PQ793PA, PQ871AV, PQ872AV, PQ873AV, PQ874AV, PQ919US, PR037US, PR044US, PR059US, PR063US, PR092UAR, PR092UA, PR097US, PR103USR, PR103US, PR117US, PR631PA, PT054PA, PT055PA, PT056PA, PT057PA, PT058PA, PT068PA, PT395PA, PT714UC, PT754US, PT783US, PT800PA, PT802PA, PT803PA, PT805PA, PU260US, PU279US, PU876US, PV130PAR, PV130PA, PV151LA, PV186PA, PV208PAR, PV208PA, PV231PA, PV240PA, PW849UC, PW992UC, PX063UC, PX284AAR, PX284AA, PX990UC, PY340EC, PY352UC, PZ096UAR, PZ096UA, PZ114UA, PZ115UA, PZ870UA
Compaq Tablet PC TC4200 Series: TC4200, EA503PA, EA533PA, EA534PA, EA543PA, EA550PA, EA554PA, EA770PC, EA771PC, EB417US, EB450USR, EB450US, EB453US, EB500USR, EB500US, EB513USR, EB513US, EB579US, EB581US, EC126LA, EC127LA, ED416LA, ED911UCR, ED911UC, ED923UC, EE074PA, EE079PA, EE153PA, EE160PA, EF447US, EF481USR, EF481US, EF558US, EF571US, EF572US, EF585US, EF642US, EF661USR, EF661US, EF694US, EF695USR, EF695US, EF728USR, EF728US, EF743US, EF759USR, EF759US, EF793US, EF866PA, EF904PA, EF913PA, EF949PAR, EF949PA, EF950PA, EF961PA, EG418UC, EG820UCR, EG820UC, EG860UC, EH265PA, EH286PA, EH312PA, EH318PA, EH342PA, EH343PA, EH367LA, EH427UC, EH506UC, EJ053UC, EJ912PA, EJ936PA, EJ940PA, EK067ES, EK163ES, EK531UC, EK743AWR, EK743AW, EK744AA, EL231UC, EL271UC, EL274UC, EL620UC, EL730US, EL734US, EL749US, EL837US, EL901US, EL923US, EM375PA, EM376PA, EM377PA, EM378PA, EM385PA, EM408PAR, EM408PA, EM424PA, EP886UC, EQ059UC, EQ072UC, EQ080EP, EQ125USR, EQ125US, EQ187US, EQ205US, EQ243US, EQ244USR, EQ244US, EQ247US, EQ248US, EQ249US, EQ250US, EQ287US, EQ312US, EQ345US, EQ363US, EQ365US, EQ372US, EQ373US, EQ382USR, EQ382US, EQ528PC, ER317UC, ER580PAR, ER580PA, ER611PA, ER752EP, ES232UC, ES374UC, ES491EA, ES585ES, ET064UC, EU112LA, EU739US, EU832US, EU950US, EU985US, EU992US, EV007US, EV279UC, EV348UC, EW325UC, EW573UC, EW996EP, EX011UC, EX161UC, EX640UC, EX718PA, EX849UC, EY092UC, EY093UC, EY242ESR, EY242ES, EY651UC, EY718EC, EY768UC, EZ781UC, EZ977USR, EZ977US, PA751AV, PA752AV, PU467US, PV211PAR, PV211PA, PV984AWR, PV984AW, PV984ETR, PV984ET, PV985AAR, PV985AA, PY301AAR, PY301AA, PY354AAR, PY354AA, PY433EAR, PY433EA, PY776PAR, PY776PA, PY777PAR, PY777PA, PY783PA, PY786PA, PY787PAR, PY787PA, PY797PA, PY802PA, PY803PAR, PY803PA, PY804PAR, PY804PA, PY805PA, PY826PAR, PY826PA, PY827PA, PY828PA, PZ226UAR, PZ226UA, PZ327UAR, PZ327UA, PZ391UAR, PZ391UA, PZ392UAR, PZ392UA, PZ393UAR, PZ393UA, PZ394UAR, PZ394UA, PZ395UAR, PZ395UA, PZ396UA, PZ397UAR, PZ397UA, PZ398UAR, PZ398UA, PZ399UAR, PZ399UA, PZ400UAR, PZ400UA, PZ401UAR, PZ401UA, PZ402UAR, PZ402UA, PZ403UAR, PZ403UA, PZ404UA, PZ405UAR, PZ405UA, PZ406UAR, PZ406UA, PZ407UAR, PZ407UA, PZ408UAR, PZ408UA, PZ409UAR, PZ409UA, PZ410UA, PZ411UA, PZ412UA, PZ413UA, PZ414UAR, PZ414UA, PZ818UAR, PZ818UA, PZ819UAR, PZ819UA, PZ820UA, PZ821UAR, PZ821UA, PZ822UAR, PZ822UA, PZ823UAR, PZ823UA, PZ824UA, PZ825UAR, PZ825UA, PZ826UA, PZ827UA, PZ828UA, PZ829UAR, PZ829UA, PZ876UA, PZ882UA, PZ890UA, RA049US, RA066US, RA093US, RA095US, RA100US, RA102US, RA506UC, RB566UC, RB826UC, RC730UC, RD337UC, RD340UP, RD695UC, RD824UC, RE218EC, RE621UC, RE662US, RJ667UC, RK286UP, RK730US, RM118UAR, RM118UA, RM159UAR, RM159UA, RR640PA, RR642PA

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