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HP 6710b 6715b 15.4" WSXGA+ LCD Screen Assembly 443814-001

Part Number 446900-001-2
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HP 6710b 6715b 15.4" WSXGA+ LCD Screen Assembly 443814-001
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HP 6710b 6715b 15.4-inch TFT WSXGA+ LCD display panel - Complete Screen Assembly with LCD Screen, inverter, data cable, plastic housing, WiFi Antennna and Hinges.

For models 6710b and 6715b with WWAN

General Information
Part Number 446900-001
Alternate Part Numbers 443814-001
Condition New
Manufacturer HP / Compaq
Size 15.4"
Resolution WSXGA+
Number of Pixels 1680x1050


HP Business Notebook 6715b Series including: HP 6715b, GB833EAR, GB833EA, GB834EAR, GB834EA, GB834ETR, GB834ET, GB835EAR, GB835EA, GB835ETR, GB835ET, GB836EAR, GB836EA, GB836ETR, GB836ET, GB837EAR, GB837EA, GB837ETR, GB837ET, GC003ESR, GC003ES, GC011ETR, GC011ET, GC012ETR, GC012ET, GC013ET, GC027ESR, GC027ES, GC032ESR, GC032ES, GC049ESR, GC049ES, GC070ESR, GC070ES, GC071ESR, GC071ES, GC079ESR, GC079ES, GC098ES, GC099ES, GE333AA, GE336AA, GE337AA, GE757PA, GE758PA, GE759PA, GE770PA, GE806PA, GE807PA, GE808PAR, GE808PA, GE819PAR, GE819PA, GE820PA, GJ707LA, GK133US, GK171US, GK184USR, GK184US, GK186US, GK197USR, GK197US, GK224US, GK292US, GK301US, GK308US, GK312US, GK321USR, GK321US, GL046PA, GL047PA, GL048PA, GL063PAR, GL063PA, GL070PA, GL071PA, GM089UC, GM147PC, GM148PC, GM623EC, GM664PC, GM713UP, GN506UC, GP003UC, GP034UC, GP232UC, GP531UP, GP690USR, GP690US, GP691US, GP713US, GP719US, GP726US, GP778USR, GP778US, GP779US, GP780USR, GP780US, GP781USR, GP781US, GP797US, GP807USR, GP807US, GP823US, GP829US, GP857US, GP860US, GP862US, GP873US, GP880US, GP884US, GP924US, GP940US, GP944US, GP975US, GP988US, GQ000USR, GQ000US, GQ001US, GQ005USR, GQ005US, GQ026USR, GQ026US, GQ031USR, GQ031US, GQ062USR, GQ062US, GQ074US, GQ080US, GQ095USR, GQ095US, GQ137US, GQ138US, GQ164US, GQ193UP, GQ424UC, GR609ESR, GR609ES, GR610ESR, GR610ES, GR616ES, GR619ES, GR623ES, GR633ES, GR641ES, GR657ESR, GR657ES, GR658ESR, GR658ES, GR666ETR, GR666ET, GR667ETR, GR667ET, GR680ES, GR751ES, GR758ES, GR794ES, GR820ES, GR846ESR, GR846ES, GR887ES, GR894ES, GS916UC, GT665UC, GU116UP, GU308LA, GU391PA, GU474ECR, GU474EC, GU475EC, GU747US, GU750USR, GU750US, GU768US, GU769US, GU852USR, GU852US, GU877US, GU899US, GU933US, GU960USR, GU960US, GU961US, GU974US, GU989US, GV047US, GV048US, GV075US, GV096US, GV116US, GV118US, GV139US, GV169US, GV184US, GV197US, GV217US, GV218US, GV556UC, GV627UC, GV649UP, GV879LA, GW375UPR, GW375UP, GW442UC, GX131UP, GX514PA, GX525PA, GX955UC, GY668PA, GY834US, GY835US, GY866US, GY874US, GY927US, GY942US, GY954USR, GY954US, GY961US, GY965US, GY982US, GZ032US, GZ059US, GZ070US, GZ071US, GZ072US, GZ106USR, GZ106US, GZ107US, GZ133US, GZ202US, GZ205US, GZ264US, GZ268USR, GZ268US, KA226UP, KB433UC, KB704PA, KB721PA, KD167UC, KD544US, KD598US, KD621US, KD633US, KD635US, KD660US, KD730US, KD744US, KD745USR, KD745US, KD769US, KF032PA, KG779US, KG780US, KG845US, RK154AV, RK155AV, RK156AVR, RK156AV, RK157AV, RM167UT, RM171UT, RM172UT, RM173UT, RM174UT, RM175UT, RM176UT, RM177UA, RM178UA, RM179UA, RM180UA, RM181UA, RM182UA, RM183UA, RM204UT, RM240UT, RM274UTR, RM274UT, RM313UTR, RM313UT, RM314UTR, RM314UT, RM315UTR, RM315UT, RM350UT, RM351UT, RM352UT, RM353UA, RM354UA, RM360UT, RM381UT
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