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HP Compaq 6510b 6710b 6720s 6820s Mini-PCI WLAN 441075-002

Part Number 441076-001-4
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HP Compaq 6510b 6710b 6720s 6820s Mini-PCI WLAN 441075-002
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HP Business Notebook 6910p Series 802.11a/b/g Mini-PCI Express Wireless Card
Wireless LAN 802.11a/b/g mini PCI adapter card (Broadcom) - 54Mbps data rate, 2.4GHz operating frequency range

General Information
Part Number 441076-002
Alternative Part Numbers 441075-001, BCM94311MCAGBP3, 418564-001
Condition New
Manufacturer HP / Compaq


HP Compaq 6515b Notebook PC Series: 6515b, AK912US, AK643US, AK643USR, AM159US, AK965US, AK966US, AL001US, AL002US, AL087US, AL140US, AL150US, AL168US, AL291US, AL354US, AL373US, AL375US, AL389US, AL406US, AL428US, AL467US, AL495US, AL496US, AL500US, AK886US, AK598US, AK658US, AM135US, AM151US, AM163US AL009US, AL070US, AL100US, AL136US, AL149US, AL149USR, AL166US, AL185US, AL239US, AL263US, AL284US, AL314US, AL322US, AL339US, AL339USR, AL368US, AL407US, AL419US, AL434US, AL434USR, AL439US, AL439USR, AL446US, AL468US, AL472US, AL489US, AL490US, AL497US
HP Compaq 2510p Notebook PC Series: 2510p, AK906US, AK516US, AK516USR, AK534US, AK555US, AK557US, AK557USR, AK585US, AK675US, AK675USR, AK679US, AK707US, AK707USR, AK708US, AK708USR, AK732US, AK732USR, AK926US, AK926USR, AK937US, AK946US, AL008US, AL042US, AL045US, AL054US, AL068US, AL089US, AL411US, AL449US, AL466US, AL470US, AL473US, AL479US, AK602US, AK600US, AK601US, AK603US, AM146US, AL128US, AL372US, AK608US, AK659US, AL329US, AM191US, AM191USR, AL163US, AL162US, AL162USR, AL180US, AL180USR, AL302US, AL302USR, AK962US, AL021US, AL107US, AL108US, AL384US, AK961US, AL383US
HP Compaq 2710p Notebook PC Series: 2710p, AK751US, AK755US, AK766US, AK768US, AK773US, AK793US, AK794US, AK797US, AK798US, AK807US, AK807USR, AK885US, AK907US, AK514US, AK533US, AK539US, AK539USR, AK549US, AK587US, AK597US, AK606US, AK621US, AK625US, AK634US, AK650US, AK655US, AK663US, AK706US, AK712US, AK729US, AK734US, AM140US, AM176US, AM184US, AK924US, AK924USR, AK936US, AK942US, AK942USR, AK956US, AK987US, AK988US, AL003US, AL004US, AL022US, AL046US, AL049US, AL091US, AL121US, AL141US, AL158US, AL260US, AL260USR, AL301US, AL313US, AL316US, AL325US, AL348US, AL352US, AL356US, AL358US, AL359US, AL492US
HP Compaq 6510b Notebook PC Series: 6510b, AK665US, AL380US, AK662US, AK633US, AL104US, AL123US, AM164US, AL110US, AL124US, AM132US, AK899US, AK515US, AK515USR, AK537US, AK933US, AK999US, AL000US,AL050US, AL064US, AL066US, AL085US, AL099US, AL460US, AL461US, AL465US, AL154US, AL279US, AL160US, AL249US, AL255US, AM171US, AL181US, AK741US, AL303US, AL304US
HP Compaq 6710b Notebook PC Series: 6710b, AK749US, AK749USR, AL105US, AL360US, AL343US, AL138US, AL138USR, AL134US, AL361US, AK635US, AL111US, AL113US, AK904US, AK904USR, AK913US, AK544US, AK544USR, AK561US, AK575US, AK579US, AK696US, AK703US, AK703USR, AK724US, AK735US, AK915US, AK923US, AK975US, AL006US, AL053US, AL065US, AL435US, AL436US, AL437US, AL438US, AL485US, AL488US, AK746US, AL019US, AL019USR, AL155US, AL179US, AL252US, AL252USR, AL145US, AL145USR, AL305US, AL306US, AM186US
HP Compaq 6720s Notebook PC Series: 6720s, AK586US, AK627US, AM148US
HP Compaq 6820s Notebook PC Series: 6820s, AM137US, AM133US, AK997US
HP Compaq 8510p Notebook PC Series: 8510p, AL501US, AK891US, AK900US, AK901US, AK517US, AK528US, AK543US, AK547US, AK547USR, AK565US, AK583US, AK583USR, AK589US, AK589USR, AK676US, AK676USR, AK680US, AK695US, AK697US, AK698US, AK726US, AK739US, AK939US, AK947US, AK948US, AK957US, AK971US, AK996US, AL073US, AL078US, AL078USR, AL084US, AL086US, AL090US, AL413US, AL415US, AL469US, AL474US, AL475US, AL144US, AK742US, AK759US, AL280US, AK628US, AL378US, AL378USR, AK785US, AL143US, AL143USR, AL156US, AL290US, AL242US, AL258US, AK963US, AK754US, AK629US, AL130US, AL130USR, AL385US, AK813US, AL379US, AL379USR, AK626US, AM180US, AK705US, AM166US, AK660US, AL115US, AL398US, AK758US, AK657US, AM161US, AL286US
HP Compaq 8510w Notebook PC Series: 8510w, AK569US, AK570US, AK709US, AK710US, AK951US, AK952US, AK953US, AK954US, AL102US, AL408US, AL408USR, AL030US, AL032US, AL182US, AL309US, AL271US, AL272US, AL289US, AL152US, AL401US, AL273US, AL274US, AM177US, AM178US
HP Compaq 8710p Notebook PC Series: 8710p, AK756US, AK784US, AK784USR, AK911US, AL494US, AM185US, AM182US, AL112US, AK666US
HP Compaq 8710w Notebook PC Series: 8710w, AK788US, AK895US, AK895USR, AK545US, AK546US, AK584US, AK669US, AK670US, AK736US, AK921US, AL047US, AL048US, AL071US, AL097US, AL444US, AL454US, AL353US, AM170US, AL029US, AL381US, AL133US, AM172US, AL394US, AL399US

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