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HP Compaq NW9440 NX9420 90 Watt AC Adapter ED495AA

Part Number ED495AA
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HP Compaq NW9440 NX9420 90 Watt AC Adapter ED495AA
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HP offers a broad assortment of power solutions to help you get the most out of your HP Business Notebooks, including new Smart Adapters that are both energy efficient and convenient as they can be leveraged across multiple notebook families. Smart Adapters can enhance your productivity by powering your notebook while plugged in, as well as charging your battery so that you can take your notebook with you when you unplug. HP Smart Adapters also feature integrated surge protection to protect against power fluctuations that can damage your notebook. HP Smart Adapters help you save on equipment, power consumption costs and travel weight.

Does NOT include dongle for use with older, non-Smart compatible notebook PC's.
Includes a 3-prong power cord.

General Information
Part Number ED495AA
Alternative Part Numbers NW199AA, KG298AA, 391173-001, 384021-001, PA1900-18H2, 409992-001, 416421-021, 463955-001, 574064-001, 418873-001, 613153-001, 693712-001
Condition New
Manufacturer HP / Compaq
Input 100-240VAC 2.4A 50-60Hz
Output 19V x 4.74A
Dimensions 2.28" x 1.10" x 5.24"


Compaq Mobile Workstation NW9440 Series: NW9440, EY306EA, EY313EA, EY314EA, EY314EAR, EY314ET, EY314ETR, EY316EA, EY316EAR, EY316ET, EY316ETR, EY454EA, EY455EA, EY580ES, EY612EA, EY612EAR, EY612ET, EY612ETR, EY613EA, EY614EA, EY615EA, EY615EAR, EY615ET, EY615ETR, EY616EA, EY617EA, EY636ES, EZ900AT, EZ900ATR, EZ901AA, EZ901AAR, EZ902AA, EZ902AAR, EZ903AA, GA067UC, GA736UP, GA794PA, GA794PAR, GA795PA, GA803PA, GA828PA, GA867PA, GA868PA, GA869PA, GA870PA, GA871PA, GA872PA, GA873PA, GA874PA, GA943UC, GB570US, GB676US, GB682US, GB712US, GB778US, GB791US, GB839ES, GB840ES, GB858ES, GB922ET, GB922ETR, GC047ES, GC059ES, GC141UC, GC286LA, GC685UP, GC919PA, GE892US, GE918US, GF052US, GF104US, GF104USR, GF111US, GF112US, GF142US, GF253US, GF263US, GF448EC, GF448ECR, GF470UC, GF571EP, GG538EC, GH603UP, GJ897US, GK044US, GK096US, GK185US, GK194US, GK203US, GK212US, GK232US, GK233US, GK328US, GK333US, GN288UC, GN532UP, GP095EP, GP553EC, GP742US, GP827US, GP951US, GP957US, GQ077US, GQ114US, GQ127US, GQ127USR, GQ287UP, GQ338UP, GQ351UC, GQ417UC, GU808US, GU816US, RA679AA, RA717PA, RA718PA, RA757PA, RA758PA, RA764PA, RA765PA, RB551UT, RB551UTR, RB552UA, RB552UAR, RC329PA,RD111LA, RD733PA, RD752PA, RD753PA, RD754PA, RD754PAR, RD774PA, RD774PAR, RD775PA, RE712US, RE806US, RE973PA, RE974PA, RE991PA, RF051PA, RF607PA, RF608PA, RF609PA, RF610PA, RF611PA, RF612PA, RF613PA, RF614PA, RF615PA, RF616PA, RF616PAR, RF617PA, RF675PA, RH108PA, RH109PA, RH110PA, RH302UP, RH504ES, RH505ES, RH505ESR, RH546EA, RH547EA, RK016PA, RK017PA, RK706US, RK909US, RK922US, RK922USR, RK947US, RK974US, RL198UP, RL198UPR, RL962PA, RL963PA, RL987PA, RL988PA, RL989PA, RL990PA, RL991PA, RM122UT, RM122UTR, RM152UT, RM160UT, RM160UTR, RM642UP, RM750PA, RM751PA, RM752PA, RM752PAR, RM780PA, RM824EP, RM838UC, RN011UP, RN016AA, RN017AW, RN017AWR, RN019AW, RN019AWR, RN020AW, RN021AW, RN022AW, RN469EP, RN492PA, RN493PA, RN515PA, RN516PA, RN709LA, RQ160EP, RQ328UC, RQ695PA, RQ696PA, RQ697PA, RQ718PA, RQ719PA, RQ766PA, RQ767PA, RQ768PA, RR210UC, RR213UP, RR284UP, RR285UP, RR674PA, RR674PAR, RR675PA, RR676PA, RR677PA, RS205US, RS242US, RS243US, RS244US, RS245US, RS342US, RS818EP, RT717UP, RU523ES, RV554PA, RV555PA, RV579PA, RV604PA, RW158US, RW191US, RW228US, RW248US, RW248USR, RW302US, RW408US, RW408USR, RW417US, RW439US, RX301UC, RX639LA, RY374EP, RY374EPR, RZ683PA, RZ700PA, RZ753PA, RG552AV, RG553AV, EG861AV, EG862AV
Compaq Mobile Workstation NX9420 Series: NX9420, EG865AV, ES439EA, ES439EAR, ES440EA, ES440EAR, ES440ET, ES441EA, ES441EAR, ES441ET, ES441ETR, ES442ET, ES442ETR, ES443EA, ES443EAR, ES443ET, ES443ETR, ES444EA, ES444EAR, ES444ET, ES444ETR, ES445EA, ES445EAR, ES445ET, ES445ETR, ES446EA, ES446EAR, ES446ET, ES446ETR, ES457EA, ES457EAR, ES458EA, ES459EA, ES460EA, ES460EAR, ES461EA, ES461EAR, ES462EA, ES551EA, ES552EA, ES553EA, ES554EA, ES555EA, ES556EA, ES557EA, ES558EA, ES559EA, ES560EA, ES561EA, ES562EA, ES563EA, EV266AA, EV266AAR, EV267AA, EV267AAR, EV268AA, EV268AAR, EV269AA, EV269AAR, EV270AA, EV271AA, EV271AAR, EV271ET, EV271ETR, EV272AA, EV272AAR, EV272EA, EV272ET, EV272ETR, EV273AA, EX754PA, EX755PA, EX756PA, EX757PA, EX763PA, EX763PAR, EX767PA, EX779PA, EX779PAR, EX780PA, EX781PA, EX801PA, EX802PA, EX802PAR, EY453ET, EY453ETR, EY560ES, EZ255LA, GA002EC, GA002ECR, GA004EC, GA005EC, GA006EC, GA007EC, GA801PA, GA802PA, GA825PA, GA826PA, GA827PA, GB920ET, GB920ETR, GC025ES, GE180UP, GE457UC, GE998US, GE999US, GF151US, GF152US, GF162US, GF162USR, GF191US,GJ968US, GJ968USR, GJ969US, GK085US, GK088US, GK103US, GK216US, GK220US, GK220USR, GK304US, GK310US, GK962UP, GP832US, GP853US, GP984US, GU760US, RA047US, RA050US, RA051US, RA051USR, RA068US, RA079US, RA081US, RA110US, RA110USR, RA124US, RA185US, RA185USR, RB529UT, RB529UTR, RB547UT, RB547UTR, RB548UA, RB548UAR, RB549UT, RB549UTR, RB550UA, RB550UAR, RC294PA, RC333PA, RD717PA, RE640US, RE730US, RE730USR, RE772US, RE867US, RE867USR, RE879US, RE891US, RE898US, RE914US, RE975PA, RE976PA, RE976PAR, RF297UP, RF689PA, RF751UC, RF914UC, RG171UP, RG195LA, RG978UC, RH151PA, RH151PAR, RH436EA, RH436EAR, RH439EA, RH439EAR, RH439ET, RH439ETR, RH440EA, RH440EAR, RH440ET, RH440ETR, RH441EA, RH441EAR, RH441ET, RH441ETR, RH442EA, RH442EAR, RH442ET, RH442ETR, RH443EA, RH443EAR, RH444EA, RH445EA, RH445EAR, RH446EA, RH446EAR, RH446ET, RH446ETR, RH447EA, RH448EA, RH450EA, RH450EAR, RH451EA, RH452EA, RH453EA, RH453EAR, RH454EA, RH454EAR, RH454ET, RH454ETR, RH455EA, RH455EAR, RH456EA, RH457EA, RH457EAR, RH457ET, RH457ETR, RH458EA, RH459EA, RH535EA, RH536EA, RH537EA, RH538EA, RH539EA, RH539EAR, RH540EA, RH541EA, RH542EA, RH543EA, RH543EAR, RH544EA, RH545EA, RK476EP, RK694US, RK702US, RK710US, RK719US, RK719USR, RK733US, RK739US, RK760US, RL964PA, RL965PA, RL966PA, RL967PA, RL967PAR, RM026PA, RM027PA, RM028PA, RM029PA, RM149UT, RM157UT, RM200UT, RM786PA, RM800PA, RM803PA, RM803PAR, RM804PA, RN013AA, RN014AA, RN015AA, RN487PA, RN513PA, RN514PA, RN708LA, RQ546UP, RQ547UP, RQ548UP, RQ552UP, RQ762PA, RQ763PA, RQ786PA, RR057UC, RR601PA, RS313US, RS313USR, RS336US, RS336USR, RS359US, RS375US, RU364ES, RU364ESR, RU372ES, RU476EA, RU477EA, RU477ET, RU477ETR, RU478EA, RU479EA, RU479EAR, RU479ET, RU480EA, RU480EAR, RU480ET, RU480ETR, RU481EA, RU481EAR, RU481ET, RU481ETR, RU482EA, RU482EAR, RU482ET, RU482ETR, RU483EA, RU483EAR, RU485EA, RU486EA, RU487EA, RU527ES, RU529ES, RU643ES, RV559PA, RV611PA, RW327US, RW328US, RZ759PA, RZ779PA, RZ779PAR, EG866AV, RE632US

Feature: 882780004719
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