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HP Compaq Presario R3000 Pavilion zv5000 54g 802.11 b/g Wireless Mini-PCI Card

Part Number 350219-001
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HP Compaq Presario R3000 Pavilion zv5000 54g 802.11 b/g Wireless Mini-PCI Card
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Mini PCI IEEE 802.11g (Wi-Fi) wireless LAN networking card - Maximum data rate of up to 54Mbps

General Information
Part Number 350219-001
Alternative Part Numbers PA3299U-1MPC, 341337-001, 347012-001, J4781, 0J4781, J0846, 0J0846, d002, M4479, 350219-001, 325333-001, 326685-001, BCM94306MPSGC0
Condition New OEM
Manufacturer HP / Compaq
Interface Type Mini-PCI Type III A
Data Transfer Rate Up to 54 Mbps
Antenna Internal antenna with diversity support
Range 802.11b: 11 Mbps up to 180 m outdoors and 60 m indoors
802.11g: 54 Mbps up to 50 m outdoors and 20 m indoors *
Network standards IEEE 802.11b, IEEE 802.11g
*The performance varies depending on the environment.


All HP Compaq Presario R3000 Series: Presario R3000, R3000T CTO, R3000Z CTO, R3001, R3001AP, R3001US, R3002, R3002AP, R3003, R3003AP, R3003US, R3004, R3004AP, R3004US, R3005, R3005AP, R3006AP, R3007AP, R3008AP, R3009AP, R3010AP, R3010EA, R3011AP, R3012AP, R3013AP, R3014AP, R3015AP, R3016AP, R3017AP, R3018AP, R3019AP, R3021AP, R3022AP, R3023AP, R3024AP, R3030EA, R3030US, R3038CL, R3039EA, R3040EA, R3050EA, R3050US, R3055CA, R3056RS, R3057EA, R3060CA, R3060EA, R3060US, R3065US, R3070US, DS426ER, DS426E, DS427ER, DS427E, DS428ER, DS428E, DS429ER, DS429E, DS479UR, DS479U, DS481UR, DS481U, DS486UR, DS486U, DV560AA, DV561AT, DV562AT, DV563AT, DX995UR, DX995U, DG446AVR, DG446AV, DG447AVR, DG447AV, DG448AV, DG449AV, DL273AVR, DL273AV, DP218AVR, DP218AV, DP341AVR, DP341AV, DP533AVR, DP533AV, DP740AVR, DP740AV, DS512UR, DS512U, DS513UR, DS513U, DS514UR, DS514U, DS515UR, DS515U, DS516UR, DS516U, DT850AV, DU903AV, DU904AV, DV191AT, DV192AT, DV272AV, DV799P, DV821PA, DW370AVR, DW370AV
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All HP Compaq Presario R3400 Series: Presario R3400, R3405US, R3408EA, R3410US, R3425US, R3430US, R3440CA, R3440US, R3450EA, R3454EA, R3455EA, R3458EA, R3460EA, R3460US, R3470US, R3475EA, R3479EA, R3484EA, R3485EA, R3640US,
PR477UA, PN318AVR, PN318AV, PN319AV, PR452UAR, PR452UA, PR453UAR, PR453UA
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Business Notebook nx9100, nx9110, nx9105, 337197-999, DZ498PA, DZ499PA, DZ500PA, PA226PAR, PA226PA, PA227PAR, PA227PA, PA228PA, PA229PA, PA230PAR, PA230PA, PB705PA, PB706PA, PB716PAR, PB716PA, PB717PAR, PB717PA, PB718PAR, PB718PA, PD676PA, PE737PA, PE738PA, PE742PAR, PE742PA, PE846LA, PE847LA, 346904-999, DU352AR, DU352A, DU352TR, DU352T, DU367A, DU367T, DU403S, DU428ETR, DU428ET, DU429EAR, DU429EA, DZ944AA, PD481AV, PD482AV, PG693ETR, PG693ET, DU315AR, DU315A, DU316AR, DU316A, DU432EA, DU433ETR, DU433ET, DU434EA, DU434ETR, DU434ET, DU435EAR, DU435EA, DU435ETR, DU435ET, DU445ESR, DU445ES, DV102UR, DV102U, DV864P, DW786AAR, DW786AA, DW787AAR, DW787AA, DW788AA, DW789AA, DW790AA, DY841PA, DY842PA, DY879PAR, DY879PA, DY880PA, DZ489PAR, DZ489PA, DZ497PAR, DZ497PA, PA231PA, PA232PA, PA233PA, PA234PA, PA235PA, PA598PA, PA599PA, PC794AV, PC796AV, PK362PAR, PK362PA
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Pavilion zv5000, zv5000 (CTO), zv5000t, zv5000t (CTO), zv5000z, zv5000z (CTO), zv5001, zv5001ap, zv5001us, zv5002, zv5002ap, zv5003, zv5003ap, zv5004ap, zv5005ap, zv5006ap, zv5007ap, zv5007la, zv5008ap, zv5009ap, zv5010ap, zv5011ap, zv5012ap, zv5013ap, zv5014ap, zv5014ea, zv5015ap, zv5015ea, zv5016ap, zv5016ea, zv5017ap, zv5018ap, zv5019ap, zv5020us, zv5021ap, zv5022ap, zv5023ap, zv5024ap, zv5025ap, zv5026ap, zv5027ap, zv5028ap, zv5029ap, zv5030, zv5030ca, zv5030us, zv5034us, zv5037wm, zv5040ea, zv5045ea, DP299AVR, DP299AV, DP523AVR, DP523AV, DW369AV, PN306AV, PN307AV, DL228AVR, DL228AV, DP735AVR, DP735AV, DS502AR, DS502A, DT849AV, DU607A, DU608A, DU609A, DU900AV, DU901AV, DU909UR, DU909U, DU910UR, DU910U, DU912UR, DU912U
All HP Compaq Pavilion ZV5100 Series: Pavilion zv5101ap, zv5101us, zv5102ap, zv5103, zv5103ap, zv5105us, zv5111ea, zv5112ea, zv5113ea, zv5114ea, zv5115ea, zv5116ea, zv5117ea, zv5119ea, zv5120ca, zv5120us, zv5121ea, zv5122ea, zv5123ea, zv5124ea, zv5129cl, zv5129ea, zv5131ea, zv5132ea, zv5133ea, zv5134ea, zv5136ea, zv5138ea, zv5140ea, zv5142ea, zv5142qv, zv5143ea, zv5149ea, zv5150ea, zv5157ea, zv5159ea, zv5160ca, zv5160ea, zv5160us, zv5161ea, zv5167ea, zv5168ea, zv5169cl, zv5169ea, zv5171ea, zv5173ea, zv5175ea, zv5180ea, zv5183ea, zv5185ea, zv5191ea, DZ591AS, DZ592AS, DZ593AS, PA460EA, PA461EA, PB542EA, PB545EA, PB547EA, PB554EAR, PB554EA, DZ329UR, DZ329U, DZ330UR, DZ330U, DZ332UR, DZ332U, PB872EA, PB876EAR, PB876EA, PC896UR, PC896U, PC897UR, PC897U, PC898UR, PC898U, PD549A
All HP Compaq Pavilion ZV5200 Series: Pavilion zv5200ea, zv5201ea, zv5202ea, zv5202us, zv5203ea, zv5204ea, zv5205ap, zv5205ea, zv5206ap, zv5207ap, zv5207ea, zv5208ap, zv5208ea, zv5209ap, zv5209ea, zv5210ap, zv5210ca, zv5210ea, zv5210us, zv5211ap, zv5211ea, zv5212ap, zv5212EA, zv5213ap, zv5213ea, zv5214ap, zv5214ea, zv5215ap, zv5215ea, zv5216ap, zv5217ap, zv5217ea, zv5218ea, zv5219ea, zv5220ca, zv5220us, zv5222EA, zv5223EA, zv5225ea, zv5226ea, zv5227ea, zv5227wm, zv5228ea, zv5229ea, zv5230ea, zv5230us, zv5231ea, zv5232ea, zv5233ea, zv5234ea, zv5235ca, zv5235ea, zv5235us, zv5236ea, zv5237ea, zv5238ea, zv5240ca, zv5240us, zv5240xx, zv5245ea, zv5246ea, zv5247la, zv5250ea, zv5255ea, zv5255us, zv5257la, zv5260us, zv5265ea, zv5267la, zv5268ea, zv5269ea, zv5270ea, zv5270us, zv5271ea, zv5272ea, zv5285ea, zv5287la, zv5290ea, PD496AV, PD497AV, PF143UAR, PF143UA, PF144UAR, PF144UA, PF145UAR, PF145UA, PF146UAR, PF146UA, PF149UAR, PF149UA, PF962AS, PJ815EA, PJ819EAR, PJ819EA, PJ820EA, PJ822EAR, PJ822EA, PC742AVR, PC742AV, PE708EAR, PE708EA, PF119UAR, PF119UA, PF121UAR, PF121UA, PF122UAR, PF122UA, PF124UAR, PF124UA, PF129UAR, PF129UA, PF130UAR, PF130UA, PF131UAR, PF131UA, PF921AS, PJ860EAR, PJ860EA, PJ864EAR, PJ864EA, PJ870EA
All HP Compaq Pavilion ZV5300 Series:
Pavilion zv5300, zv5301ap, zv5301ea, zv5302EA, zv5303ea, zv5304EA, zv5307EA, zv5308ea, zv5310ea, zv5310us, zv5315ea, zv5316us, zv5320ca, zv5320ea, zv5320us, zv5321EA, zv5322EA, zv5323ea, zv5324ea, zv5325ca, zv5325ea, zv5326ea, zv5326us-b, zv5327ea, zv5328ea, zv5329ea, zv5330ca, zv5330us, zv5331ea, zv5340ea, zv5340us, zv5342qv, zv5343us, zv5346us, zv5347wm, zv5348rs, zv5356us-b, zv5357ea, zv5358ea, zv5359ea, zv5360us, zv5362ea, zv5364ea, zv5365EA, zv5366ea, zv5367ea, zv5367wm, zv5368ea, zv5369ea, zv5370us, zv5371ea, zv5372ea, zv5373EA, zv5374ea, zv5375EA, zv5376EA, zv5377ea, zv5378ea, zv5379ea, zv5380ea, zv5380us, zv5381ea, zv5382ea, zv5383ea, zv5385ea, zv5386US, zv5390ea, PJ836EA, PL996UAR, PL996UA, PL997UAR, PL997UA, PM003UAR, PM003UA, PM004UAR, PM004UA, PM005UAR, PM005UA, PN605EA, PN612EAR, PN612EA, PN614EAR, PN614EA, PQ818EAR, PQ818EA, PQ821EAR, PQ821EA, PQ822EAR, PQ822EA, PQ824EAR, PQ824EA, PR878EA, PT919EA, PT921EAR, PT921EA, PJ881EAR, PJ881EA, PJ882EAR, PJ882EA, PJ887EAR, PJ887EA, PJ888EAR, PJ888EA, PJ890EAR, PJ890EA, PJ891EAR, PJ891EA, PL976UAR, PL976UA, PL977UAR, PL977UA, PL984UAR, PL984UA, PL985UAR, PL985UA, PN465UAR, PN465UA, PN467UAR, PN467UA, PN469UAR, PN469UA, PP974PA, PR213UAR, PR213UA
All HP Compaq Pavilion ZV5400 Series: Pavilion zv5400, zv5400t, zv5401ap, zv5402ap, zv5402ea, zv5403ap, zv5403EA, zv5404ap, zv5404ea, zv5404us, zv5405ap, zv5405ea, zv5405us, zv5406ap, zv5407ea, zv5408ea, zv5410EA, zv5410us, zv5411ea, zv5412EA, zv5413EA, zv5414EA, zv5415ca, zv5415EA, zv5416EA, zv5417ea, zv5418ea, zv5419ea, zv5420ca, zv5420ea, zv5420us, zv5421ea, zv5422ea, zv5425EA, zv5430us, zv5434RS, zv5436EA, zv5437EA, zv5438ea, zv5440ea, zv5440us, zv5445EA, zv5445us, zv5446ea, zv5450ca, zv5450EA, zv5450us, zv5452EA, zv5454rs, zv5455ea, zv5455us, zv5456cl, zv5456ea, zv5457EA, zv5458EA, zv5460EA, zv5460us, zv5462EA, zv5463ea, zv5464ea, zv5465ea, zv5466cl, zv5466EA, zv5467EA, zv5468EA, zv5469EA, zv5470EA, zv5470us, zv5471EA, zv5472ea, zv5473ea, zv5474EA, zv5475ea, zv5476EA, zv5476cl, zv5480ea, zv5481ea, zv5482EA, zv5384ea, zv5485EA, zv5490EA, zv5495EA, zv5499ea, PR467UA, PR468UAR, PR468UA
All HP Compaq Pavilion ZX5000 Series: Pavilion zx5000, zx5000 (CTO), zx5001, zx5001us, zx5002, zx5002ea, zx5003ea, zx5005ea, zx5008ea, zx5010ea, zx5011ea, zx5012ea, zx5020ea, zx5022ea, zx5030ea, zx5035ea, zx5037ea, zx5038ea, zx5039ea, zx5040ca, zx5040ea, zx5040us, zx5041ea, zx5042ea, zx5043ea, zx5044ea, zx5045ea, zx5049ea, zx5050ea, zx5051ea, zx5052ea, zx5060us, zx5065us, zx5070us, zx5078cl, DG438AV, DG439AV, DG560AVR, DG560AV, DG561AVR, DG561AV, DP217AVR, DP217AV, DR891A, DR892A, DR895AR, DR895A, DS416ER, DS416E, DS417E, DS421ER, DS421E, DS422ER, DS422E, DS423E, DS471UR, DS471U, DS472UR, DS472U, DS473UR, DS473U, DS474UR, DS474U, DS475UR, DS475U, DS476UR, DS476U, DS477UR, DS477U, DX731E, DX738ER, DX738E, DY605ER, DY605E
All HP Compaq Pavilion ZX5100 Series:
Pavilion zx5100, zx5109ea, zx5113ea, zx5128ea, zx5129ea, zx5151ea, zx5159, zx5170ea, zx5180us, zx5190us, DZ313UR, DZ313U, DZ314UR, DZ314U, PB901EAR, PB901EA, PB902EA, PB905EAR, PB905EA, PB908EAR, PB908EA, PB909EA, PB910EA
All HP Compaq Pavilion ZX5200 Series: Pavilion zx5200, zx5265ea, zx5273ea, zx5275ea, zx5280us, PB911EAR, PB911EA, PB912EAR, PB912EA, PB913EAR, PB913EA, PB914EA, PB915EAR, PB915EA, PC716AV, PC717AV, PC718AV, PF100UAR, PF100UA, PF101UAR, PF101UA, PF853AS, PF854AS, PL958UAR, PL958UA
All HP Compaq Pavilion ZX5300 Series: Pavilion zx5300, zx5369cl, PL957UAR, PL957UA

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