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HP Compaq nc8430 nw8440 2 GB PC-5300 Memory 417506-001

Part Number EM995AA-3
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HP Compaq nc8430 nw8440 2 GB PC-5300 Memory 417506-001
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HP Compaq 2 GB PC2-5300 DDR2 667 MHz Sodimm Laptop Memory EM995AA

General Information
Part Number EM995AA
Condition New OEM
Manufacturer HP / Compaq
Platform DDR2
Memory Size 2 GB
Speed PC2-5300 667Mhz


HP Compaq nc8430 Series Notebook PC including: Compaq nc8430, CD012UP, ES586EA, ES586EAR, ES588EA, ES588EAR, ES589EA, ES589EAR, ES590EA, ES590EAR, ES590ET, ES590ETR, ES591EA, ES591EAR, ES598EA, ES599EA, ES600EA, ES601EA, ES603EA, ES607EA, ES608EA, ES609EA, ES610EA, ES612EA, EY251ET, EY251ETR, EY254ET, EY254ETR, EY342ES, EY486ES, EY486ESR, EY561ES, EY572ES, EY575ES, EY685AW, EY685AWR, EY686AA, EY686AW, EY686AWR, EY687AA, EY687AAR, EY688AA, EY688AAR, EY689AA, EY689AAR, EY690AA, EY691AA, GA010UC, GA027EP, GA039UC, GA041UC, GA698UC, GA792PA, GA792PAR, GA852PA, GA947UC, GB116PC, GB118PC, GB469US, GB514US, GB545US, GB600US, GB612US, GB653US, GB659US, GB706US, GB727US, GB730US, GB751US, GB760US, GB767US, GB767USR, GB792US, GB815US, GB862ES, GB944ES, GB945ES, GC007ES, GC007ESR, GC056ES, GC429UC, GC687UP, GC821UC, GD222UP, GD251PC, GE542UP, GE543UP, GE760PA, GE804PA, GE804PAR, GE907US, GE944US, GE945US, GE955US, GE963US, GE967US, GE973US, GE973USR, GF009US, GF010US, GF021US, GF026US, GF206US, GF220US, GF236US, GF236USR, GF464UC, GH576UC, GJ550UP, GJ890US, GJ898US, GJ898USR, GJ901US, GJ915US, GJ926US, GJ971US, GJ994US, GK032US, GK036US, GK043US, GK043USR, GK047US, GK047USR, GK087US, GK098US, GK106US, GK108US, GK113US, GK143US, GK143USR, GK146US, GK155US, GK177US, GK189US, GK189USR, GK210US, GK229US, GK267US, GK307US, GK335US, GK358US, GK773UC, GL028PA, GL075PA, GL411UP, GM496PC, GM640UC, GM640UCR, GM701UC, GM824UC, GN505UC, GN781UP, GP678US, GP679US, GP683US, GP685US, GP686US, GP699US, GP700US, GP709US, GP709USR, GP714US, GP731US, GP732US, GP744US, GP745US, GP745USR, GP746US, GP757US, GP759US, GP768US, GP775US, GP785US, GP791US, GP837US, GP841US, GP909US, GP927US, GP981US, GQ042US, GQ079US, GQ157US, GQ173US, GQ729UP, GS411UP, GS412UP, GU746US, RA043US, RA101US, RA143US, RA145US, RA146US, RA183US, RA192US, RA205US, RA210US, RA794PA, RB520UA, RB553UT, RB553UTR, RB554UT, RB554UTR, RB555UA, RB555UAR, RB574UP, RB575UP, RB576UP, RB597AW, RB598AW, RB599AW, RB600AW, RB601AW, RC390UC, RC390UCR, RD112UC, RD112UCR, RD113UC, RD113UCR, RD709PA, RD710PA, RD732PA, RD741PA, RD741PAR, RD742PA, RD742PAR, RE689US, RE728US, RE755US, RE763US, RE763USR, RE778US, RE798US, RE798USR, RE831US, RE842US, RE866US, RE959PA, RE960PA, RF032PA, RF033PA, RF035PA, RF036PA, RF587UC, RF591UC, RF591UCR, RF752UP, RH111PA, RH161PA, RH301UP, RH433ES, RH433ESR, RH460EA, RH460EAR, RH461EA, RH462EA, RH463EA, RH463EAR, RH464EA, RH464EAR, RH465EA, RH466EA, RH466EAR, RH467EA, RH468EA, RH469EA, RH469EAR, RH469ET, RH469ETR, RH471EA, RH471EAR, RH471ET, RH471ETR, RH472EA, RH472EAR, RH473EA, RH474EA, RH474EAR, RH474ET, RH474ETR, RH775EP, RJ330UC, RJ343PC, RJ344PC, RJ644UP, RJ645UP, RJ646UP, RJ647UP, RJ895UP, RJ981PA, RJ982PA, RJ982PAR, RJ983PA, RJ983PAR, RK061PA, RK061PAR, RK090UP, RK090UPR, RK328UC, RK372UC, RK373UC, RK478EP, RK700US, RK703US, RK711US, RK711USR, RK713US, RK721US, RK752US, RK755US, RK756US, RK756USR, RK792US, RK792USR, RK796US, RK797US, RK803US, RK803USR, RK810US, RK816US, RK820US, RK833US, RK850US, RK850USR, RK852US, RK852USR, RK864US, RK865US, RK865USR, RK869US, RK874US, RK896US, RK914US, RK917US, RK918US, RK918USR, RK921US, RK921USR, RK923US, RK923USR, RK925US, RK938US, RK938USR, RK939US, RK953US, RK953USR, RK960US, RK967US, RK993UP, RL531UP, RM041PC, RM150UT, RM156UA, RM156UAR, RM170UT, RM504UC, RM513UC, RM639UP, RM723PA, RM738PA, RM738PAR, RM739PA, RM739PAR, RM740PA, RM740PAR, RM801PA, RM801PAR, RM833AW, RM834AW, RN010UP, RN030AW, RN030AWR, RN031AW, RN031AWR, RN032AW, RN033AW, RN034AW, RN034AWR, RN035AW, RN036AW, RN037AW, RN038AW, RN506PA, RN507PA, RN583PA, RN712UC, RN988UP, RP674UC, RP699UC, RQ024EC, RQ024ECR, RQ029UC, RQ247UP, RQ327UC, RQ690PA, RQ691PA, RQ713PA, RQ769PA, RQ770PA, RR069UC, RR197EP, RR593PA, RR593PAR, RR594PA, RR610PA, RR610PAR, RR979UC, RS159US, RS164US, RS197US, RS197USR, RS198US, RS198USR, RS199US, RS199USR, RS200US, RS210US, RS223US, RS229US, RS237US, RS240US, RS294US, RS295US, RS306US, RS323US, RS326US, RS333US, RS346US, RS360US, RS360USR, RS371US, RS395US, RS431US, RS445US, RS446US, RS446USR, RS451US, RS452US, RS475EP, RS501EP, RS505UC, RS505UCR, RS506EP, RS508UC, RS508UCR, RS510UC, RT079UC, RT088UC, RU378ES, RU378ESR, RU518ES, RU520ES, RU593ES, RU596ES, RU609ES, RU624ET, RU624ETR, RU629ET, RU629ETR, RV518PA, RV565PA, RV570PA, RV570PAR, RV587PA, RV594PA, RV601PA, RV653UC, RV776PC, RV951UC, RW170US, RW170USR, RW192US, RW195US, RW225US, RW226US, RW232US, RW232USR, RW234US, RW240US, RW268US, RW275US, RW276US, RW280US, RW317US, RW326US, RW419US, RW419USR, RW425US, RW440US, RW442US, RW445US, RW478US, RW493US, RW493USR, RW504US, RW506US, RW513US, RW513USR, RW535US, RW537US, RW561UP, RW703UP, RX029UP, RX312UP, RY183UC, RY762UC, RY771UC, RZ749PA, RZ750PA, EM741AV, EM740AV
HP Compaq nw8440 Series Notebook PC including: Compaq nw8440, ES592EA, ES592EAR, ES594EA, ES594EAR, ES595EA, ES597EA, ES604EA, ES606EA, EX760PA, EX761PA, EX803PA, EX803PAR, EX804PA, EY534ES, EY534ESR, EY635ES, EY635ESR, EY637ES, EY693AW, EY693AWR, EY693ET, EY693ETR, EY694AA, EY694AAR, EY694AW, EY694AWR, EY695AA, EY695AAR, EY696AA, EY696AAR, EY697AA, EY697AAR, GA665UP, GA793PA, GA793PAR, GA800PA, GA824PA, GA875PA, GA876PA, GA877PA, GA878PA, GA879PA, GA880PA, GA944UC, GB497US, GB497USR, GB637US, GB662US, GB664US, GB759US, GB765US, GB837ES, GB838ES, GB928ES, GC026ES, GC026ESR, GC052ES, GC073ES, GC076ES, GC284LA, GC285LA, GC862PA, GC863PA, GE750PA, GE791PA, GE792PA, GE891US, GE936US, GF068US, GF078US, GF163US, GF198US, GF198USR, GF226US, GF455EP, GF456EP, GF533EC, GF612EC, GF613EC, GF614EC, GF617LA, GG936EC, GH588EC, GH589EC, GJ699UP, GJ889US, GJ896US, GJ935US, GJ938US, GJ947US, GJ948US, GJ949US, GJ950US, GJ979US, GK013US, GK018US, GK138US, GK170US, GK193US, GK252US, GK775UC, GK778UC, GK778UCR, GN302EP, GN436EC, GN436ECR, GN533UP, GP724US, GP815US, GP906US, GQ104US, GQ108US, GQ169US, GQ191EC, GR506EP, GR506EPR, GR953UP, GS133EP, GS530UP, GT925EP, GT925EPR, RA726PA, RA727PA, RB243LA, RB244LA, RB556UT, RB556UTR, RB557UA, RB557UAR, RB558UA, RB558UAR, RB602AW, RB602AWR, RB603AW, RB604AA, RC295PA, RC296PA, RC325PA, RC368PA, RC369PA, RD294UP, RD711PA, RD712PA, RD729PA, RD740PA, RD749PA, RD750PA, RD751PA, RD751PAR, RD765PA, RD766PA, RD783PA, RE458UC, RE694US, RE708US, RE709US, RE722US, RE773US, RE801US, RE802US, RE834US, RE868US, RE868USR, RE923US, RF045PA, RF046PA, RF047PA, RF048PA, RF049PA, RF327EC, RF624PA, RF659PA, RF660PA, RG163EC, RG164EC, RG167EC, RG168EC, RH095PA, RH112PA, RH113PA, RH199UC, RH415EA, RH415EAR, RH416EA, RH416EAR, RH417EA, RH418EA, RH418EAR, RH419EA, RH420EA, RH510ES, RH659ES, RH729UC, RH776EP, RH822EP, RJ435EP, RJ435EPR, RJ714EC, RJ715EC, RJ884UP, RK015PA, RK044PA, RK045PA, RK046PA, RK067EC, RK293EC, RK294EC, RK295EC, RK475EP, RK475EPR, RK699US, RK704US, RK707US, RK707USR, RK728US, RK754US, RK754USR, RK761US, RK851US, RL524UC, RL968PA, RL969PA, RL970PA, RL970PAR, RM151UT, RM747PA, RM748PA, RM749PA, RM749PAR, RM762PA, RM762PAR, RM763PA, RM764PA, RM764PAR, RM774PA, RM835AW, RM836UC, RN039AW, RN039AWR, RN039ET, RN039ETR, RN040AW, RN040AWR, RN041AW, RN042AW, RN043AW, RN494PA, RN495PA, RN508PA, RN509PA, RN537PA, RN538PA, RN539PA, RN540PA, RN541PA, RN900LA, RN901LA, RP643EP, RP644EP, RP882UC, RP882UCR, RP992EP, RP993EP, RP994EP, RQ182EC, RQ182ECR, RQ183EC, RQ184EC, RQ185EC, RQ186EC, RQ187EC, RQ188EC, RQ235UC, RQ692PA, RQ693PA, RQ694PA, RQ714PA, RQ715PA, RQ716PA, RQ764PA, RQ765PA, RQ801UC, RR986UC, RS175US, RS235US, RS246US, RS255US, RS263US, RS281US, RS414US, RS484UC, RS837UP, RT718UP, RU238PC, RU355EC, RU521ES, RU522ES, RU589ES, RU597ES, RV603PA, RW270US, RW270USR, RW402US, RW438US, RW451US, RW465US, RW475US, RW489US, RW489USR, RW507US, RX011UC, RX033LA, RX638LA, RX987EC, RX988EC, RX989EC, RX990EC, RX990ECR, RX991EC, RX992EC, RX993EC, RY852EP, RY852EPR, RZ644EC, RZ645EC, RZ646EC, RZ654EC, RZ699PA, RZ733PA, RZ734PA, RZ754PA, RZ800EP, RZ800EPR, EM742AV, EM743AV

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