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HP G50 Compaq Presario CQ50 Motherboard 489810-001

Part Number 489810-001
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HP G50 Compaq Presario CQ50 Motherboard 489810-001
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HP G50 and Compaq Presario CQ50 System board (motherboard) - With High-Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) support and modem

General Information
Part Number 489810-001
Alternate Part Number 490508-001
Condition New
Manufacturer HP / Compaq


HP G50 Notebook PC: HP G50, G50-100 CTO, G50-100EA, G50-101XX, G50-102NR, G50-109NR, G50-110EA, G50-121CA, G50-201CA, G50-209CA, KY001AV, FM341EA, FM341EAR, FJ076AS, FS045UA, FS045UAR, FS046UA, FS046UAR, FQ191EA, FQ191EAR, FS048UA, FS048UAR, ZY557UA, ZY557UAR, NP525UA, NP525UAR

Compaq Presario CQ50 Notebook PC: Presario CQ50, CQ50-100ED, CQ50-100EG, CQ50-100EM, CQ50-100EO, CQ50-100ES, CQ50-100Z CTO, CQ50-101AU, CQ50-101EB, CQ50-101XX, CQ50-102AU, CQ50-102XX, CQ50-103AU, CQ50-103EB, CQ50-103ER, CQ50-103EZ, CQ50-104AU, CQ50-105AU, CQ50-105EE, CQ50-105EF, CQ50-105EL, CQ50-105EM, CQ50-105EO, CQ50-105ER, CQ50-105EW, CQ50-105EZ, CQ50-105TR, CQ50-106AU, CQ50-106CA, CQ50-106EF, CQ50-106EL, CQ50-107AU, CQ50-107EE, CQ50-107EF, CQ50-107EM, CQ50-107ER, CQ50-108AU, CQ50-108CA, CQ50-108EF, CQ50-108EL, CQ50-108EO, CQ50-109AU, CQ50-109CA, CQ50-109EL, CQ50-109ER, CQ50-110AU, CQ50-110EC, CQ50-110EG, CQ50-110EL, CQ50-110EM, CQ50-110EN, CQ50-110EO, CQ50-110EP, CQ50-110ER, CQ50-110TR, CQ50-111AU, CQ50-112AU, CQ50-112EO, CQ50-113AU, CQ50-113CA, CQ50-114AU, CQ50-114EO, CQ50-115AU, CQ50-115EP, CQ50-115TR, CQ50-116AU, CQ50-117AU, CQ50-120EP, FL591EA, FL591EAR, FM323EA, FM323EAR, FM360EA, FM360EAR, FQ174EA, FQ174EAR, FL594EA, FL594EAR, KH096AV, FF400PA, FM611EA, FM611EAR, FJ077AS, FF401PA, FJ078AS, FF402PA, FF402PAR, FQ178EA, FQ178EAR, FM336EA, FQ177EA, FQ177EAR, FF403PA, FF403PAR, FF404PA, FF404PAR, FM326EA, FM326EAR, FL583EA, FL583EAR, FQ180EA, FQ180EAR, FL582EA, FQ173EA, FQ173EAR, FL603EA, FQ168EA, FQ168EAR, FQ179EA, FL599EA, FF415PA, FM757UA, FM757UAR, FQ172EA, FQ172EAR, FQ196EA, FQ196EAR, FF416PA, FM607EA, FM607EAR, FL598EA, FL598EAR, FM351EA, FM337EA, FN409PA, FM756UA, FM756UAR, FQ190EA, FQ190EAR, FQ181EA, FQ181EAR, FQ183EA, FQ183EAR, FN410PA, FE878UA, FE878UAR, FQ195EA, FQ195EAR, FL607EA, FN411PA, FQ171EA, FQ171EAR, FQ193EA, FQ193EAR, FQ185EA, FQ185EAR, FM349EA, FM349EAR, FM613EA, FM613EAR, FQ175EA, FQ175EAR, FL586EA, FL586EAR, FM339EA, FM339EAR, FL604EA, FL604EAR, FN412PA, FN425PA, FN425PAR, FQ188EA, FQ188EAR, FQ301PA, FM753UA, FM753UAR, FQ302PA, FQ302PAR, FQ184EA, FQ184EAR, FQ303PA, FQ303PAR, FQ170EA, FQ170EAR, FM335EA, FM335EAR, FR760PA,
FU735PA, FQ169EA, FQ169EAR


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