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HP G60 G61 Mini 210 Pavilion dv4 dv6 dv7 Half Mini WiFi 518436-001

Part Number 518436-001
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HP G60 G61 Mini 210 Pavilion dv4 dv6 dv7 Half Mini WiFi 518436-001
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HP 802.11B/G/N WLAN HF minicard (Medoc) - Most of World implementation

General Information
Part Number 518436-001
Alternative Part Numbers AR5B95-H, 495846-001
Condition New
Manufacturer Atheros / HP
Interface Type PCI Express Half Mini Card


Drivers and internal antenna wirings are not included. Contact your laptop manufacturer to ensure compatibility

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Mini 210, 210-1000 CTO, 210-1032CL, 210-1050NR, 210-1070CA, 210-1070NR, 210-1075CA, 210-1077CA, 210-1077NR, 210-1080CA, 210-1080NR, 210-1083CA, 210-1084NR, 210-1084NR, 210-1090CA, 210-1090NR, 210-1097NR, VH211AV, VS143AV, VV074AV, VW994AV, VW996AV, WD263UA, WD263UAR, WE823UA, WE823UAR, WD267UA, WD267UAR, WA545UA, WA545UAR, WD268UA, WD268UAR, WH683UA, WH683UAR, WH685UA, WH685UAR, WD269UA, WD269UAR, WA546UA, WA546UAR, WE820UA, WE820UAR, WH684UA, WH684UAR, WH686UA, WH686UAR, WD270UA, WD270UAR, WA550UA, WA550UAR, WH859UA, WH859UAR
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HP Mini 311 Series Notebook PC: Mini 311-1100 CTO, VQ766AV, VQ767AV, VU910AV
HP Pavilion dm3 Series Entertainment Notebook PC:
Pavilion dm3, dm3-1030wm, dm3-1053xx, dm3-1124ca, dm3-1130ca, dm3-1130us, dm3-1131nr, dm3-1140us, dm3t-1000 CTO, dm3t-1100 CTO, dm3z-1000 CTO, dm3z-1100 CTO, VM076UA, VM076UAR, VP447AS, WA567UA, WA567UAR, WA736UA, WA736UAR, WA563UA, WA563UAR, WA569UA, WA569UAR, WA733UA, WA733UAR, VK581AV, VL351AV, VK583AV, VK587AV, VK589AV, VK591AV, VP207AV, VP208AV, VP209AV, VP210AV, VP211AV, VR921AV, VL342AV, VL350AV, VL358AV, VL359AV, VP143AV, VP147AV, VP148AV, VP153AV, VP154AV, VR456AV
HP Pavilion dv2 Series Entertainment Notebook PC: Pavilion dv2z-1100 CTO, NL174AV, NY100AV, NY101AV, NY103AV
HP Pavilion dv3 Series Entertainment Notebook PC: Pavilion dv3-2155mx, NV149UA, NV149UAR
HP Pavilion dv4 Series Entertainment Notebook PC: Pavilion dv4, dv4-2020ca, dv4-2041nr, dv4-2045dx, dv4-2049us, dv4-2120ca, dv4-2140us, dv4-2141nr, dv4-2142nr, dv4-2145dx, dv4-2148ca, dv4-2153cl, dv4-2154ca, dv4-2155dx, dv4-2160us, dv4-2161nr, dv4-2162nr, dv4-2165dx, dv4-2167sb, dv4-2170us, dv4i-2100 CTO, dv4t-1600 CTO, VM299UA, VM299UAR, VM303UA, VM303UAR, VM298UA, VM298UAR, VV662UA, VV662UAR, WA891UA, WA891UAR, WA888UA, WA888UAR, WA893UA, WA893UAR, WA894UA, WA894UAR, WA889UA, WA889UAR, WA892UA, WA892UAR, WA686UA, WA686UAR, WA689UA, WA689UAR, WA685UA, WA685UAR, WA683UA, WA683UAR, WA691UA, WA691UAR, WA692UA, WA692UAR, WA684UA, WA684UAR, WA688UA, WA688UAR, WA693UA, WA693UAR, VN673AV, VP017AV, VP018AV, VP179AV, VP180AV, VP181AV, VP188AV, VP189AV, VP190AV, VR498AV, VU392AV, VU393AV, VU394AV
HP Pavilion dv6 Series Entertainment Notebook PC: Pavilion dv6, dv6-1108ca, dv6-1148ca, dv6-2020ca, dv6-2044dx, dv6-2066dx, dv6-2088dx, dv6-2120ca, dv6-2128ca, dv6-2140ca, dv6-2140ca, dv6-2144nr, dv6-2157us, dv6-2158nr, dv6-2164ca, dv6-2180us, dv6-2181nr, dv6-2182nr, dv6z-1000 CTO, dv6z-1100 CTO, dv6z-2000 CTO, NM206UA, NM206UAR, NM207UA, NM207UAR, VM278UA, VM278UAR, VW883UA, VW881UA, VW881UAR, VW882UA, VW882UAR, WA866UA, WA866UAR, WA869UA, WA869UAR, WA867UA, WA867UAR, WA870UA, WA870UAR, VM286UA, VM286UAR, WA874UA, WA874UAR, WA875UA, WA875UAR, WA871UA, WA871UAR, WA863UA, WA863UAR, WA872UA, WA872UAR, WA873UA, WA873UAR, NB649AV, NB650AV, NB651AV, NT592AV, NT593AV, NT594AV, NS876AV, NS877AV, NS878AV
HP Pavilion dv7 Series Entertainment Notebook PC: Pavilion dv7, dv7-3028ca, dv7-3060us, dv7-3061nr, dv7-3065dx, dv7-3128ca, dv7-3148ca, dv7-3160us, dv7-3162nr, dv7-3165dx, dv7-3166nr, dv7-3171nr, dv7-3183nr, VM246UA, VM246UAR, VM237UA, VM237UAR, VU149UA, VU149UAR, VM238UA, VM238UAR, WA799UA, WA799UAR, WA800UA, WA800UAR, WA793UA, WA793UAR, WA801UA, WA801UAR, WA794UA, WA794UAR, WA807UA, WA807UAR, WA804UA, WA804UAR, WA802UA, WA802UAR

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