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HP Intel Centrino Advanced-N 6230 Wireless Card 636672-001

Part Number 636672-001
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HP Intel Centrino Advanced-N 6230 Wireless Card 636672-001
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HP ProBook 4230s, 4530s, 4730s Intel Centrino Advanced-N 6230 half-MiniCard - 802.11B/G/N (Most of World)

General Informationon
Part Number 636672-001
Alternative Part Numbers 6230ANHMW
Condition New
Manufacturer HP
Interface Type PCI Express Half Mini Card


Drivers and internal antenna wirings are not included. Contact your laptop manufacturer to ensure compatibility

HP ProBook 4230s Series Notebook PC: ProBook 4230s, A2N38PA, A2N48PA, A2N77PA, A2N75PA, A2N40PA, A2N76PA, A3N22PA, A9D89PA, A2N56PA, A3M85PA, A9E12PA, A3M82PA, A9E28PA, A6C76PA, A9E05PA, A9E24PA, A2N21PA, A3N65PA, A6C34PA, A2N64PA, A2N19PA, A9E25PA, A6C06PA, A6C66PA, A6C04PA, A9E27PA, A3M83PA, A3N63PA, A5F94PP, A5F95PP, A5F96PP, A2G74PC, A4A58PC
HP ProBook 4530s Series Notebook PC: ProBook 4530s, A6F18EA, A6F18EAR, A6G59ES, A6G59ESR, A6G56ES, A1F61ES, A1F61ESR, A1F68ES, A2V06LT, A2V06LTR, A1F60ES, A1F60ESR, A1F97ES, A1F81ES, A1F88ES, A1F88ESR, A1F74ES, A6G41ES, A1F64ES, A2V36LA, A2V36LAR, A6G60ES, A6G60ESR, A7K33LA, A1D27EA, A1D27EAR, A1F96ES, A1E85EA, A1E82EA, A1E82EAR, A1D32EA, A1D32EAR, A1D33EA, A1D43EA, A1D43EAR, A2N86PA, A6G43ES, A6G43ESR, A6G44ES, A1F95ES, A2P02PA, A1D14EA, A1D14EAR, A1D34EA, A1D34EAR, A1D35EA, A1D35EAR, A1D49EA, A1D49EAR, A1D50EA, A1D50EAR, A1D51EA, A1D51EAR, A1E59EA, A1E59EAR, A2N87PA, A2N88PA, A6D75ES, A6D75ESR, A6G58ES, A9D82PA, A1D36EA, A1D36EAR, A1D52EA, A1D52EAR, A2N59PA, A3N27PA, A9E15PA, A1D15EA, A1D15EAR, A1D19EA, A1D19EAR, A1D21EA, A1D22EA, A1D22EAR, A1D24EA, A1E83EA, A1E83EAR, A1E84EA, A1E84EAR, A1G03ES, A1G03ESR, A6D74ES, A6E30EA, A6E24EA, A6E24EAR, A6E26EA, A6E26EAR, A6E31EA, A6E27EA, A6E27EAR, A6E15EA, A6E20EA, A6E20EAR, A6E23EA, A6E23EAR, A6F19EA, A6F19EAR, A2N52PA, B0L71PA, A3N75PA, A6E02EA, A6E02EAR, A6E03EA, A6E10EA, A6E10EAR B0L82PA, A6C13PA, A9D41PA, B0L88PA, A6C48PA, A6E04EA, A6E05EA, A6E05EAR, A6E12EA, A6E13EA, A6E13EAR, A6E14EA, A6E14EAR, A7K26LA, A6E06EA, A6E06EAR, A9D61PA, A9D64PA, A2N20PA, A6D95EA, A6D95EAR, A6D98EA, A6D98EAR, A6E16EA, A6E17EA, A6E17EAR, A9D62PA, A9D63PA, A1F89ES, A1F30EA, A1F90ES, A1F90ESR, A1F87ES, A1F87ESR, A1F62ES, A1F63ES, A1F63ESR, A1F92ES, A1F92ESR, A1F93ES, A1F93ESR, A1F79ES, A1F79ESR, A6G46ES, A6G46ESR, A1D28EA, A1D28EAR, A1D30EA, A1D30EAR, A6G52ES, A6G52ESR, A1E96EA, A1G04ES, A1G04ESR, A2N53PA, A2N54PA, B0L72PA, B0L73PA, A1D46EA, A1D46EAR, A3N76PA, A6C26PA, B0L83PA, A2P01PA, A1D16EA, A1D25EA, A1D25EAR, A1D37EA, A1D48EA, A1D48EAR, A1D26EA, A1D26EAR, A1D38EA, A1D38EAR, A1D47EA, A1D47EAR, A1E97EA, A1E97EAR, A2N44PA, A2N89PA, A2N90PA, A2V31LA, A2V31LAR, A2V31LT, A2V31LTR, A9D83PA, A9D84PA, A1D12EA, A1D12EAR, A1D13EA, A1D13EAR, A1D17EA, A1D17EAR, A1D18EA, A1D18EAR, A1D23EA, A1D23EAR, A1D39EA, A1D39EAR, A1D40EA, A1D40EAR, A1E99EA, A1E99EAR, A1G00ES, A1G00ESR, A2P07PA, A6C00PA, A2N24PA, A2N58PA, A9E14PA, A6E00EA, A6E00EAR, A6E18EA, A6F26EA, A6F26EAR, A6E01EA, A6E01EAR, A6E19EA, A6E21EA, A6E21EAR, A6E22EA, A6E22EAR, A6E28EA, A6E28EAR, A6F25EA, A6F25EAR, A9D68PA, A6E32EA, A6D99EA, A6D99EAR, A6E07EA, A6E07EAR, A6E11EA, A6E11EAR, A6F08EA, A6F08EAR, A6F32EA, A6F35EA, A7K22LT, A7K22LTR, A7K24LA, A7K24LAR, A7K27LA B0L64PA, A6C14PA, A6C15PA, A6C16PA, A6D93EA, A6D94EA, A6D96EA, A6D96EAR, A6D97EA, A6D97EAR, A6E08EA, A6E09EA, A6E09EAR, A9D42PA, A9D65PA, A9D66PA, A9D67PA, A9D69PA, A9E26PA, A6C18PA, B0L66PA, A6E94EA, A6E94EAR, A6F24EA, A6F24EAR, A6C67PA, A2N18PA, A2P00PA, A6D79ES, A6C27PA, A6C28PA, A7H94LA, A7K25LA, A7K25LAR, A6G50ES, A6G50ESR, A3N28PA, A7K23LA, A7K23LT, A7K23LTR, A7K60LA, A6G49ES, A6G49ESR, A6G51ES, A6G51ESR, A2N91PA, A2P06PA, A3M84PA, A6C17PA, A9E07PA, A2A65PP A2N50PA, A2N51PA, B0L69PA, B0L70PA, A1D41EA, A1D41EA, R, A3N74PA, A6F05EA, B0L61PA, B0L80PA, B0L81PA, A2F84EC, A1F66ES, A2P15PA, A9D60PA, A2A88PP, A8W17PP
HP ProBook 4730s Series Notebook PC: ProBook 4730s, A1F29EA, A1F28EA, A1D55EA, A1D59EA, A1D60EA, A1D64EA, A1D67EA, A1D71EA, A1D63EA, A1E70EA, A6C29PA, A1D53EA, A1D56EA, A1F10EA, A6C31PA, A1D68EA, A1F11EA, A2N92PA, A1D61EA, A1D69EA, A1E71EA, A1F12EA, A1F13EA, A1G01ES, A1G10ES, A2N60PA, A6C68PA, A2V66LP A2N68PA, A2N93PA, A3N39PA,

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