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HP Mini 1000 Pavilion dv2 dv3 Half Mini WiFi 504593-001

Part Number 504593-001
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HP Mini 1000 Pavilion dv2 dv3 Half Mini WiFi 504593-001
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Broadcom 4312 802.11b/g (Demi) WLAN adapter - Half-size form factor (Most-of-World)

General Information
Part Number 504593-001
Alternative Part Numbers BCM94312HMG, 495827-001, 504593-003, 582562-001, 582233-001
Condition New
Manufacturer Broadcom
Interface Type PCI Express Half Mini Card


Drivers and internal antenna wirings are not included. Contact your laptop manufacturer to ensure compatibility

HP Mini 1000 Series Laptops: Mini 1000 CTO, 1001XX, 1010NR, 1030NR, 1033CL, 1035NR, FN819AV, FQ729AAR, FQ729AV, FR832AV, FV436AV, NB914AAR, NB914AV, NJ683AAR, NJ683AV, NP763AV, NC953AS, NC953ASR, FT315UA, FT315UAR, FW376UA, FW376UAR, FZ978UA, FZ978UAR, FT313UA, FT313UAR, NJ312AS

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HP Mini 210 Series Laptops: Mini 210-1000 CTO, 210-1000VT CTO, 210-1041NR, 210-1044NR, 210-1060CA, 210-1082DX, 210-1094NR, 210t-1000 CTO, WP055UA, WP055UAR, WK990UA, WK990UAR, WP053UA, WP053UAR, WK987UA, WK989UA, WK989UAR, WJ767AV

HP Pavilion dv2 Series Entertainment Notebook PC: Pavilion dv2, dv2-1020ca, dv2-1024ca, dv2-1028ca, dv2-1118nr, dv2-1134nr, dv2z-1100, dv2z-1100, NM333UA, NM333UAR, NM331UA, NM331UAR, NM328UA, NM328UAR, NV223UA, NV223UAR, VF767UA, VF767UAR, NL174AAR, NL174AV, NY100AAR, NY100AV, NY101AAR, NY101AV, NY103AAR, NY103AV

HP Pavilion dv3 Series Entertainment Notebook PC: Pavilion dv3, dv3-2001xx, dv3-2155mx, dv3t-2000, dm3t-1100 CTO, NT542AS, NV149UA, NV149UAR, NE898AV, NE899AV, WR390AV

HP Pavilion dv6 Series Entertainment Notebook PC: Pavilion dv6, dv6-1245dx, dv6t-1000, dv6t-1100, dv6t-1200, dv6z-1000, dv6z-1100, NV068UA, NV068UAR, FV155AAR, FV155AV, FV157AAR, FV157AV, FV159AV, NB634AV, NB636AAR, NB636AV, FV161AV, FV165AV, FV167AV, NB649AV, NB650AV, NB651AV, NT592AV, NT593AV, NT594AV

HP Pavilion dv7 Series Entertainment Notebook PC: Pavilion dv7, dv7-2004xx, dv7t-2000, NQ113AS, NB406AAR, NB406AV, FV272AV, FV274AAR, FV274AV, NB404AV

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Compaq Mini CQ10 Notebook PC: Mini CQ10-112NR, CQ10-150CA, WA662UA, WA662UAR, WA664UT

HP EliteBook 2540p Notebook PC: EiteBook 2540p, BQ209US, BQ562US, BQ716US, BQ760US, BQ776US, BQ802US, BQ803US, BQ805US, BQ826US, BQ828US, BQ943US, BQ944US, BQ955US, BQ958US, BQ959US, BQ973US, BQ979US, BQ983US, BR008US, BR010US, BR032US, BR033US, BR044US, BR080US, BR080USR, BR129US, BR134US, BR134USR, BR137US, BR195US, BS262US, BS271US, BS275US, BS297US, BS308US, BS309US, BS432US, BS434US, BS537US, BS698US, BS707US, BS713US, BS720US, BS811US, BS858US, BS859US, BS876US, BS882US, BS886US, BS958US, BS959US, BT029US, BT034US, BT068US, BT075US, BT093US, BT133US, BT151US, BT169US, BT195US, BT233US, BT259US, BT261US, BU212US, BU219US, BU220US, BU228US, BU486US, BU502US, BU526US, BU530US, BU578US, BU609US, BU657US, BU682US, BU692US, BU739US, BU761US, BU776US, BU784US, BU816US, BV097US, BV131US, BV143US, BV146US, BV147US, BV153US, BV218US, BV226US, BV227US, BV231US, BV245US, BV251US, BV254US, BV293US, BV295US, BV307US, BV314US, BV346US, BV363US, BV992US, BV996US, BW012US, BW014US, BW035US, BW045US, BW049US, BW059US, BW065US, BW080US, BW081US, BW094US, BW098US, BW102US, BW123US, BW123USR, BW140US, BW159US, BW173US, BW223US, BW248US, BW280US, BW544US, BW593US, BW614US, BW618US, BW634US, BW645US, BW681US, BW699US, BW786US, BW807US, BW807USR, BW812US, BX060US, BX076US, BX092US, BX098US, BX142US, BX143US, BX151US, BX155US, BX175US, BX220US, BX236US, BX251US, BX252US, BX462US, BX488US, BX540US, BX552US, BX587US, BX654US, BX674US, BX675US, BX735US, BZ045US, BZ085US, BZ108US, BZ113US, SH910UP, SH927UC, SH927UCR, SJ110UP, SJ161UC, SJ206UP, SJ252UP, SJ256UP, SJ308UP, SJ347UC, SJ358UC, SJ376UP, SJ463UP, SJ488UP, VB715AV, VB841AV, VB842AV, VB842AVR, VB843AV, VB844AV, VB845AV, VB846AV, VQ306EP, VQ306EPR, VQ329EP, VQ329EPR, VQ335EP, VQ367EP, VQ368EP, VW756EC, VW756ECR, VW861EC, VZ689AV, VZ690AV, WH281UT, WH281UTR, WH282UT, WH282UTR, WH283UT, WH283UTR, WH284UA, WH284UAR, WK301EA, WK301EAR, WK302EA, WK302EAR, WK303EA, WK303EAR, WK304EA, WK304EAR, WP884AW, WP884AWR, WP885AW, WP886AA, WP887AA, WP888AA, WP889AA, WP890AA, WR011PA, WR012PA, WR013PA, WR014PA, WR015PA, WT757PA, WT758PA, WT759PA

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