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HP Mini 110 Series 3-cell Battery NY221AA BX03

Part Number NY221AA
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HP Mini 110 Series 3-cell Battery NY221AA BX03
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HP Mini 110-1100 CQ10-100 Series 3-cell Battery NY221AA BX03

Get extra power and increase your HP Mini's uptime. Our 3-cell Battery for Mini 110 Series supplies up to 3 hours of battery life.
General Information
Part Number NY221AA
Alternate Part Number 537626-001
Condition New
Manufacturer HP / Compaq
Battery Type Li-Pol (Lithium Polymer)
Output Voltage 10.8
Capacity 28 Whr
Number of Cells 3


HP Mini 1101 Series including: Mini 1101, AX530US, AW882US, FM906UA, FM906UT, FM907UA, FM907UAR, FM907UT, FM907UTR, FM908UA, FM908UAR, FM908UT, FM908UTR, FM911UA, FM960UA, FM960UT, VE061AA, VE062AA, VE063AA, VE064AA,  VQ789LA
HP Mini 110 Series: Mini 110, 110-1000 CTO, 110-1004XX, 110-1005XX, 110-1012TU, 110-1013TU, 110-1017TU, 110-1018TU, 110-1030NR, 110-1031NR, 110-1032NR, 110-1033CA, 110-1033CL, 110-1034NR, 110-1036NR, 110-1037NR, 110-1045TU, 110-1046TU, 110-1047TU, 110-1049TU, 110-1050LA, 110-1050NR, 110-1050TU, 110-1068TU, 110-1100 CTO, 110-1102VU,  110-1103VU, 110-1104VU, 110-1105VU, 110-1106VU,110-1107VU, 110-1118CA, 110-1125NR/100-1125NR, 110-1126NR/100-1126NR, 110-1127LA, 110-1127NR, 110-1129NR, 110-1132NR, 110-1134CL/100-1134CL, 110-1150LA, 110-1150NR, 110-1155LA, 110-1158LA, 110-1190TU, 110-1191TU, 110-1192TU, 110-1196TU, 110-1199TU, NW110AV, NW111AV, VH626AS, VH627AS, VB702PA, VB703PA, VF035PA, VF041PA, VA714UA, VA714UAR, VH179UA, VH179UAR, VH181UA, VF771UA, VF771UAR, VA716UA, VA716UAR, VF775UA, VF775UAR, VA719UA, VA719UAR, VA720UA, VA720UAR, VG468PA, VG469PA, VG507PA, VJ924PA, VF541LA, VA722UA, VA722UAR VJ925PA, VM767PA, VK193AV, VG767AV, VX299PA, VX300PA, VZ489PA, VZ490PA, VZ491PA, VZ528PA, VU122UA, VU122UAR, VM135UA, VM135UAR, VM137UA, VM137UAR, WP561LA, VM139UA, VM139UAR, VM130UA, VM130UAR, VU126UA, VU126UAR, VU124UA, VU124UAR, VU376LA, VU376LAR, VM133UA, VM133UAR, WB131LA, WC992LA, VX259PA, VX260PA, VX261PA, VX292PA, VX297PA
Compaq Mini 102 Series including: Mini 102, WJ876AA, WJ877AA, WH243UT, WH244UT, WH245UA, WH246UA
Compaq Mini 110 Series including:
Mini 110c-1001NR, 110c-1147NR, VA732UA, VA732UAR, VM148UA, VM148UAR
Compaq Mini CQ10-100 Series including: Mini CQ10-100 CTO, VZ341AAR, VZ341AV, WA268AAR, WA268AV, WD180AAR, WD180AV


Feature: 884962131572
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