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HP Notebook NC2400 Series 9-cell Laptop Battery 412789-001

Part Number EH768AA-3
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HP Notebook NC2400 Series 9-cell Laptop Battery 412789-001
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Primary Lithium-Ion Extended Battery for Compaq Business Notebooks NC2400

General Information
Part Number 412789-001
Alternative Part Numbers 410311-222, EH768AA, *451714-001, *412779-001, EH767AA, 411126-001, 411127-001
Condition New
Manufacturer HP / Compaq
Battery Type Li-Ion (Lithium)
Output Voltage 10.8 V - 84Whr
Capacity 7650 mAh
Number of Cells 9
*EH768AA is an upgrade for 6-Cell 55Whr (part#451714-001) and 3-cell 28.8Whr battery (part#: 412779-001)


HP Compaq Notebook 2510p Series including: Compaq Notebook 2510p, GM651AWR, GM651AW, GM652AW, GM654AA, GM655AA, GM659AA, GM910PA, GM917PA, GM925PA, GM926PA, GM927PA, GM928PA, GM952PA, GM996PA, GM997PA, GM998PA, GM999PA, GN001PA, GN002PA, GN003PA, GP096PA, GP097PA, GP098PA, GP106PA, GP137PAR, GP137PA, RL487AV
HP Compaq Business Notebook nc2400 Series including: Compaq Business Notebook nc2400, EG510AV, EJ969PA, EM182AV, EM183AV, EM184AV, EN178UTR, EN178UT, EY226AV, EY271EAR, EY271EA, EY271ET, EY272EA, EY273EA, EY274EAR, EY274EA, EY274ETR, EY274ET, EY275EA, EY276EA, EY277EA, EY278EA, EY279EAR, EY279EA, EY280EA, EY464ES, EY478ESR, EY478ES, EY494EAR, EY494EA, EY494ETR, EY494ET, EY509ES, EY548ES, EY557ESR, EY557ES, EY581ES, EZ126AWR, EZ126AW, EZ126ETR, EZ126ET, EZ128AAR, EZ128AA, EZ129ATR, EZ129AT, EZ130AA, EZ131AA, GA781PAR, GA781PA, GA796PA, GA797PA, GA804PA, GA805PA, GA829PA, GA851PA, GA905UC, GB078EP, GB098UP, GB439US, GB455USR, GB455US, GB501US, GB732US, GB733US, GB790US, GB793US, GB803US, GB936ES, GC001ES, GC030ES, GC055ES, GC060ES, GC154EP, GC289LA, GC290LA, GC688UP, GC816UC, GC877PA, GC945PA, GC948PA, GD103UC, GD589UP, GD634ECR, GD634EC, GD794AV, GE182UP, GE240EC, GE260UP, GE420UC, GE500EP, GE562EP, GE673EC, GE752PA, GE778PA, GE779PA, GE798PA, GE799PA, GE839EC, GE861UC, GE862UC, GE928US, GE939US, GE984US, GF022US, GF137US, GF175US, GF207US, GF457EP, GF458EP, GF463UC, GG514UP, GG937EC, GG965EP, GG967UC, GH056PC, GH581EC, GJ542UC, GJ675UC, GJ758UC, GJ920US, GJ921USR, GJ921US, GJ930USR, GJ930US, GJ937US, GJ942US, GK022US, GK045US, GK081US, GK097US, GK289US, GK840EC, GK841EC, GL074PA, GL118PA, GL826LC, GM107UC, GM696UP, GM697UP, GM986PA, GM987PA, GN047EC, GN066EP, GN283UC, GN745UC, GN750EC, GP032UC, GP555UP, GP557UP, GP564UC, GP701US, GP721US, GP737US, GP761US, GP802US, GP811US, GP816US, GP854US, GP936US, GP982US, GQ299EP, GQ342UC, GQ372EC, GQ692UC, GR607ES, GR630ES, GR750ES, GS148UC, GS439UC, GS525EC, GS616UP, GS908EC, GS909EC, GT198EP, GT202UP, GT348EP, GT370EC, GT556PA, GT557PA, GT617PA, GU112UC, GU175EP, GU823US, GV072US, GV599PC, GX281EP, GX483PA, GX954UC, RA514AWR, RA514AW, RA515AW, RA516AWR, RA516AW, RA705PA, RA706PA, RA707PA, RA710PA, RA711PA, RA714PA, RA723PA, RA724PA, RA728PA, RA729PA, RA730PA, RA731PA, RA732PA, RA733PA, RA759PA, RA760PA, RA761PA, RA766PA, RB247LA, RB248LA, RB527UA, RB528UAR, RB528UA, RC321PAR, RC321PA, RC322PA, RC323PA, RC324PA, RC348PA, RC349PA, RC350PA, RC351PA, RC352PA, RC361PA, RC370PA, RC371PA, RC372PA, RC373PA, RD724PA, RD725PA, RD726PA, RD734PAR, RD734PA, RD735PAR, RD735PA, RD745PA, RD777PA, RE215UC, RE610PC, RE776US, RE979PA, RF037PA, RF038PA, RF039PA, RF040PA, RF041PA, RF042PA, RF043PA, RF044PA, RF425UC, RF679PA, RF690PA, RF691PA, RF700PA, RF701PA, RG146UC, RG156UC, RG170UP, RG177UC, RG194UC, RG529UC, RG554UC, RH039UC, RH091PA, RH092PA, RH093PA, RH104PA, RH105PA, RH138PA, RH139PA, RH140PA, RH141PA, RH154PA, RH155PA, RH156PA, RH157PA, RH164PA, RH165PA, RH426ESR, RH426ES, RH501ES, RH511ES, RH524ES, RH528ES, RH534ESR, RH534ES, RH565EAR, RH565EA, RH566EA, RH567EA, RH568EA, RH605ESR, RH605ES, RH641ES, RH666ESR, RH666ES, RH783UC, RH821LA, RH830LA, RH831LA, RJ335UP, RJ336AW, RJ432EPR, RJ432EP, RJ887UC, RJ984PAR, RJ984PA, RK302ECR, RK302EC, RK314UPR, RK314UP, RK320UP, RK454UC, RK477EP, RK613UC, RK717US, RK718US, RK729USR, RK729US, RK746US, RK801USR, RK801US, RK825USR, RK825US, RK957US, RK959US, RK969US, RL192UC, RL312UP, RL313UP, RL314UPR, RL314UP, RL315UP, RL485UC, RM036PA, RM037PAR, RM037PA, RM038PA, RM039PA, RM040PA, RM075AWR, RM075AW, RM076AW, RM077AW, RM078AW, RM079AW, RM123UTR, RM123UT, RM138UAR, RM138UA, RM140UT, RM161UTR, RM161UT, RM162UTR, RM162UT, RM165UTR, RM165UT, RM507LC, RM699UC, RM705PA, RM706PA, RM707PAR, RM707PA, RM729PA, RM791PA, RM792PAR, RM792PA, RM796PA, RN111UC, RN432UC, RN466EP, RN468EP, RN557PA, RN585PA, RP646EP, RP647EP, RP876EC, RP877EC, RP895UP, RP896UP, RP897UP, RP898UP, RP899UP, RP900UP, RP934EP, RP935EP, RP936EP, RQ331UC, RQ702PA, RQ703PA, RQ704PA, RQ752PA, RQ753PA, RQ776PA, RQ900UC, RR023EP, RR430EP, RR602PA, RR982UCR, RR982UC, RR987UC, RS173USR, RS173US, RS187US, RS208USR, RS208US, RS238US, RS288US, RS307US, RS450US, RS462UC, RS525EC, RS565LA, RS708EP, RS777UC, RS778UC, RS815EC, RS868EP, RT002EC, RT712UC, RU094UP, RU236PC, RU288LA, RU290UC, RU323UP, RU324UP, RU325UP, RU326UP, RU327UP, RU328UP, RU329UP, RU365ES, RU366ES, RU386ES, RU512ES, RU530EAR, RU530EA, RU532EA, RU533EAR, RU533EA, RU581ES, RU582ES, RU627ETR, RU627ET, RU639ES, RV580PA, RV581PA, RV869EC, RV885AV, RW168USR, RW168US, RW175UP, RW175US, RW176US, RW182USR, RW182US, RW217UP, RW217USR, RW217US, RW219US, RW247USR, RW247US, RW301USR, RW301US, RW332US, RW361US, RW388USR, RW388US, RW414US, RW473US, RW847UC, RW900UC, RX031LA, RX308UP, RX534EC, RX535EC, RX536ECR, RX536EC, RX537ECR, RX537EC, RX684UP, RX685UP, RX686UP, RX707UC, RX957EC, RY099UC, RY157ECR, RY157EC, RY446UC, RY457UC, RY769UC, RY830UC, RZ602EC, RZ653EC, RZ667EC, RZ688PA, RZ689PA, RZ692PA, RZ705PA, RZ708PA, RZ709PA, RZ710PA, RZ711PA, RZ751PA, RZ752PA, RZ757PA, RZ765PA, RZ766PA, RZ780PA

Feature: 882780145085
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