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HP Pavilion DV2000 DV6000 V600 Mini-PCIe Wireless Card 441090-001

Part Number 441090-001-4
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HP Pavilion DV2000 DV6000 V600 Mini-PCIe Wireless Card 441090-001
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HP Pavilion dv2000, dv6000, tx1000, Compaq Presario C700, Business Notebook Series 802.11b/g Mini-PCI Express Wireless Card
Wireless LAN 802.11b/g mini PCI adapter card (Broadcom, Hoya) - 54Mbps data rate, 2.4GHz operating frequency range (Most-of-world)

General Information
Part Number 441092-291
Alternative Part Numbers 441090-001, 418572-001, BCM94311MCGB P2
Condition New
Manufacturer HP / Compaq


Compaq Presario V6000 Notebook PC Series: Presario V6000, V6000T CTO, V6000TX CTO, V6000Z CTO, V6402CA, V6405CA, V6410CA, V6415CA, V6420US, V6500Z CTO, V6620US, V6700 CTO, V6700TX CTO, V6703AU, V6704AU, V6705AU, V6719NR, V6730ET, V6751XX, V6801AU, V6850ED, V6851XX MV IUR, RX943AV, GQ362AV, RX947AV, GM018UA, GM018UAR, GM017UA, GM017UAR, GL925UA, GL925UAR, GL926UA, GL926UAR, GA462UA, GA462UAR, RS140AV, GS688UA, GS688UAR, GP352AV, GT814AV, KM812PA, KM813PA, KM813PAR, KP097PA, KC550UA, KC550UAR, KN046EA, KN046EAR, KE369AS, KU849PA, KW092EA, KV702AS

HP Pavilion DV2000 Notebook PC Series: Pavilion DV2000, dv2400 CTO, dv2401au, dv2402au, dv2402ca, dv2402xx MV IUR, dv2403au, dv2404au, dv2404ca, dv2405au, dv2406tu, dv2410ca, dv2410us, dv2412ca, dv2413ca, dv2415nr, dv2416us, dv2418nr, dv2420us, dv2422ca, dv2432nr, dv2500T CTO, dv2500tv CTO, dv2500tw CTO, dv2602ca, dv2608ca, dv2610ca, dv2610us, dv2615nr, dv2618ca, dv2620us, dv2700t CTO, dv2700tv CTO, dv2700tw CTO, dv2700ty CTO, GD275AV, RX692AV, GS032PA, GS033PA, GA483UA, GA483UAR, GL166AS, GS034PA, GS035PA, GM040UA, GM040UAR, GS036PA, GX858PA, GM035UA, GM035UAR, GA533UA, GA533UAR, GM038UA, GM038UAR, GM037UA, GM037UAR, GA534UA, GA534UAR, GA536UA, GA536UAR, KA253UA, KA253UAR, GA532UA, GA532UAR, GM039UA, GM039UAR, ZS304UA, ZS304UAR, GN169AV, RM922AV, GW572AV, GW573AV, GZ850AAR, GZ850AV, GS850UA, GS850UAR, GS853UA, GS853UAR, GS848UA, GS848UAR, GS845UA, GS845UAR, GS846UA, GS846UAR, GS857UA, GS857UAR, GS844UA, GS844UAR, KQ654AV, KQ656AV, KQ655AV, KQ657AV

HP Pavilion DV6000 Notebook PC Series: Pavilion DV6000, dv6200 CTO, dv6400 CTO, dv6400t CTO, dv6401ca, dv6402ca, dv6404ca, dv6405ca, dv6405us, dv6406nr, dv6407cl, dv6407nr, dv6408ca, dv6408nr, dv6409ca, dv6423om, dv6425us, dv6428ca, dv6436nr, dv6439nr, dv6448se, dv6500t CTO, dv6500z CTO, dv6500z CTO, dv6603ca, dv6604cl, dv6605ca, dv6605us, dv6607cl, dv6607nr, dv6607rs, dv6608ca, dv6609wm, dv6611ca, dv6612ca, dv6622ca, dv6625ca, dv6625us, dv6627om, dv6628cl, dv6629us, dv6629wm, dv6633us, dv6634nr, dv6636nr, dv6640nr, dv6640us, dv6645us, dv6647cl, dv6647nr, dv6660se, dv6661se, dv6693us, dv6696nr, dv6700t CTO, dv6700t CTO, dv6700z CTO, dv6725ca, EZ796AV, EZ796AVR, RX945AV, RX942AV, GM010UA, GM010UAR, GL912UA, GL912UAR, GL914UA, GL914UAR, GL910UA, GL910UAR, GA445UA, GA445UAR, GL896UA, GL896UAR, GL895UA, KA249UA, KA249UAR, GL916UA, GL916UAR, GA447UA, GA447UAR, GL911UA, GL911UAR, GA450UA, GA450UAR, GA444UA, GA444UAR, GL917UA, GL917UAR, GA454UA, GA454UAR, KA250UA, KA250UAR, GA448UA, GA448UAR, GT812AV, GT813AV, GW772AV, RS085AV, GY137UA, GY137UAR, GS805UA, GS805UAR, GS675UA, GS675UAR, GS662UA, GS662UAR, GS670UA, GS670UAR, GY131UA, GY131UAR, GS677UA, GS677UAR, GY130UA, GY130UAR, GS684UA, GS684UAR, GY134UA, GY134UAR, GY133UA, GY133UAR, GY132UA, GY132UAR, GS674UA, GS674UAR, GS661UA, GS661UAR, GS678UA, GS678UAR, GS807UA, GS807UAR, GY139UA, GY139UAR, GS667UA, GS667UAR, GS819UA, GS819UAR, GS685UA, GS685UAR, GS664UA, GS664UAR, GS676UA, GS676UAR, GS671UA, GS671UAR, GS660UA, GS660UAR, GY128UA, GY128UAR, GS817UA, GS817UAR, GS659UA, GS659UAR, GY138UA, GY138UAR, KN844UA, KN844UAR, KN949UA, KN949UAR, KL090AV, KT260AV, KR346AV, KC310UA, KC310UAR

HP Pavilion DV9000 Notebook PC Series: Pavilion DV9000, dv9407nr, dv9408ca, dv9408nr, dv9410ca, dv9410us, dv9413cl, dv9417cl, dv9418ca, dv9420ca, dv9428ca, dv9428nr, dv9438ca, dv9500z CTO, dv9500z CTO, dv9606ca, dv9607us, dv9608nr, dv9617nr, dv9620us, dv9627cl, dv9628nr, dv9700z CTO, KB189UA, KB189UAR, GL889UA, GL889UAR, GA356UA, GA356UAR, GL886UA, GL886UAR, GA355UA, GA355UAR, GA358UA, GA358UAR, GL880UA, GL880UAR, GL888UA, GL888UAR, GL885UA, GL885UAR, GL891UA, GL891UAR, GA359UA, GA359UAR, GL887UA, GL887UAR, CC958AV, GW910AV, GS729UA, GS729UAR, GS726UA, GS726UAR, GS721UA, GS721UAR, GS730UA, GS730UAR, GS719UA, GS719UAR, GS723UA, GS723UAR, GS720UA, GS720UAR, KR269AV

HP Pavilion TX1000 Notebook PC Series: Pavilion TX1000, tx1000z CTO, tx1205us, tx1215nr, tx1304ca, tx1305ca, tx1305us, tx1306nr, tx1308nr, tx1325nr, tx1327cl, tx1417cl, tx1499us, GD617AV, RX695AV, GA651UA, GA651UAR, GA648UA, GA648UAR, GS873UA, GS873UAR, GS870UA, GS870UAR, GS866UA, GS866UAR, GS877UA, GS877UAR, GS867UA, GS867UAR, GS874UA, GS874UAR, GS868UA, GS868UAR, KC474UA, KC474UAR, KC479UA, KC479UAR

HP Pavilion TX2000 Notebook PC Series: Pavilion TX2000, tx2000z CTO, GZ574AV, KX531AV

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