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HP Pavilion DV5100 DV5200 8x DVDRW Burner LightScribe Drive 417698-001

Part Number 417698-001
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HP Pavilion DV5100 DV5200 8x DVDRW Burner LightScribe Drive 417698-001
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DVD+-R/RW Optical Drive (HLDS) - 8X speed, dual format, dual layer, LightScribe - Writes to +R and -R DVD media and special LightScribe format media - With pre-attached front bezel (Pavilion)

General Information
Part Number 417698-001
Alternative Part Numbers 430205-001*, 430206-001*, 430207-001*, 430203-001
Condition Refurbished
Manufacturer HP / Compaq
Bruner Type DVD+-RW with LightScribe
Speeds 8X
Features Double Layer
LightScribe Technology
*This DVDRW is an upgrade for HP DVD/CDRW Combo Drive (430206-001) and HP DVDRW Drive (430205--001)


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Feature: Refurbished
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