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HP Pavilion DV6-3000 15.6" WXGA LED Glossy Screen 570095-001

Part Number CLAA156WB13A-4
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HP Pavilion DV6-3000 15.6" WXGA LED Glossy Screen 570095-001
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HP Pavilion dv6-1200 dv6-2000 15.6-inch High Definition widescreen BrightView LED display panel ONLY!

General Information
Part Number CLAA156WB13A
Alternative Part Numbers LP156WH2, B156XW02, N156B06-L04, 570095-001
Condition New
Manufacturer HP / Compaq
Size 15.6" Wide
Resolution WXGA HD
Number of Pixels 1366 x 768
Interface 40-pin (Bottom Left)
Response Time 8 ms


HP Pavilion dv6-3000 Entertainment Notebook PC: DV6-3001AU, DV6-3001AX, DV6-3001XX, DV6-3002AU, DV6-3003TU, DV6-3004AU, DV6-3004AX, DV6-3005AU, DV6-3006TU, DV6-3007AX, DV6-3007TU, DV6-3008CA, DV6-3008TU, DV6-3008TX, DV6-3009TU, DV6-3010SQ, DV6-3010TU, DV6-3010US, DV6-3011TU, DV6-3012HE, DV6-3012TU, DV6-3012TX, DV6-3013CL, DV6-3013NR, DV6-3013TU, DV6-3014TU, DV6-3014TX, DV6-3015TU, DV6-3016AX, DV6-3016TU, DV6-3016TX, DV6-3017NR, DV6-3017TU, DV6-3017TX, DV6-3018TU, DV6-3018TX, DV6-3019TU, DV6-3019WM, DV6-3020TU, DV6-3020US, DV6-3021TU, DV6-3022NR, DV6-3022TU, DV6-3022TX, DV6-3023CA, DV6-3023NR, DV6-3023TU, DV6-3023TX, DV6-3025DX, DV6-3025TX, DV6-3027TX, DV6-3028TX, DV6-3029TX, DV6-3030US, DV6-3031NR, DV6-3031TX, DV6-3032NR, DV6-3032TX, DV6-3033CL, DV6-3033HE, DV6-3034CA, DV6-3034NR, DV6-3035TX, DV6-3036TX, DV6-3037CA, DV6-3037NR, DV6-3037SB, DV6-3038CA, DV6-3038TX, DV6-3039TX, DV6-3040BR, DV6-3040CA, DV6-3040TX, DV6-3040US, DV6-3041TX, DV6-3042TX, DV6-3043CA, DV6-3049TX, DV6-3050CA, DV6-3050EQ, DV6-3050TX, DV6-3050US, DV6-3051TX, DV6-3051XX, DV6-3052NR, DV6-3052TX, DV6-3053EE, DV6-3053HE, DV6-3053TX, DV6-3054CA, DV6-3054TX, DV6-3055DX, DV6-3055TX, DV6-3056TX, DV6-3057TX, DV6-3058CA, DV6-3058TX, DV6-3059TX, DV6-3060EE, DV6-3060TX, DV6-3061EE, DV6-3061TX, DV6-3062EE, DV6-3062TX, DV6-3063EE, DV6-3063TX, DV6-3064CA, DV6-3064TX, DV6-3065TX, DV6-3066TX, DV6-3067TX, DV6-3068TX, DV6-3069TX, DV6-3070CA, DV6-3070TX, DV6-3071TX, DV6-3072TX, DV6-3073ca, DV6-3073TX, DV6-3074TX, DV6-3075TX, DV6-3076TX, DV6-3077CA, DV6-3077la, DV6-3077TX, DV6-3078TX, DV6-3079TX, DV6-3080br, DV6-3080TX, DV6-3081TX, DV6-3082TX, DV6-3083TX, DV6-3084CA, DV6-3084TX, DV6-3085TX, DV6-3086TX, DV6-3087TX, DV6-3088la, DV6-3088TX, DV6-3089la, DV6-3089TX, DV6-3090br, DV6-3090CA, DV6-3090TX, DV6-3091TX, DV6-3092TX, DV6-3093CA, DV6-3094TX, DV6-3095TX, DV6-3096TX
HP Pavilion dv6-3100 Entertainment Notebook PC: DV6-3101AU, DV6-3101AX, DV6-3101TU, DV6-3101TX, DV6-3102AU, DV6-3102AX, DV6-3102TU, DV6-3102TX, DV6-3103AX, DV6-3103TU, DV6-3103TX, DV6-3104AX, DV6-3104TU, DV6-3104TX, DV6-3105AX, DV6-3105TU, DV6-3105TX, DV6-3106AX, DV6-3106TU, DV6-3106TX, DV6-3107AX, DV6-3107TU, DV6-3107TX, DV6-3108AX, DV6-3108CA, DV6-3108TU, DV6-3108TX, DV6-3109AX, DV6-3109CA, DV6-3109TU, DV6-3109TX, DV6-3110AX, DV6-3110TU, DV6-3110TX, DV6-3111TU, DV6-3111TX, DV6-3112TU, DV6-3112TX, DV6-3113TU, DV6-3113TX, DV6-3114CA, DV6-3114TU, DV6-3114TX, DV6-3115TU, DV6-3115TX, DV6-3116TU, DV6-3116TX, DV6-3117TU, DV6-3117TX, DV6-3118CA, DV6-3118TX, DV6-3119TX, DV6-3120TX, DV6-3120US, DV6-3121NR, DV6-3121TX, DV6-3122TX, DV6-3122US, DV6-3123CL, DV6-3123TX, DV6-3124NR, DV6-3124TX, DV6-3125DX, DV6-3125TX, DV6-3126TX, DV6-3127DX, DV6-3127TX, DV6-3128TX, DV6-3129NR, DV6-3129TX, DV6-3130TX, DV6-3130US, DV6-3131NR, DV6-3131TX, DV6-3132NR, DV6-3132TX, DV6-3133NR, DV6-3133TX, DV6-3134CA, DV6-3134NR, DV6-3134TX, DV6-3135TX, DV6-3136TX, DV6-3137TX, DV6-3138CA, DV6-3138TX, DV6-3139TX, DV6-3140TX, DV6-3140US, DV6-3141TX, DV6-3142NR, DV6-3142TX, DV6-3143CA, DV6-3143CL, DV6-3143TX, DV6-3143US, DV6-3144CA, DV6-3144TX, DV6-3145DX, DV6-3145TX, DV6-3146TX, DV6-3147CA, DV6-3147SB, DV6-3147TX, DV6-3148TX, DV6-3149TX, DV6-3150US, DV6-3151CA, DV6-3152NR, DV6-3153NR, DV6-3155DX, DV6-3158CA, DV6-3159WM, DV6-3160US, DV6-3163CL, DV6-3163NR, DV6-3167CA, DV6-3170CA, DV6-3174CA, DV6-3177LA, DV6-3179la, DV6-3181NR, DV6-3187LA, DV6-3188LA, DV6-3189LA, DV6-3194CA
HP Pavilion dv6-3200 Entertainment Notebook PC: DV6-3201AU, DV6-3201AX, DV6-3201TU, DV6-3201TX, DV6-3202AX, DV6-3202TU, DV6-3202TX, DV6-3203AX, DV6-3203TU, DV6-3203TX, DV6-3204AX, DV6-3204TU, DV6-3204TX, DV6-3205AX, DV6-3205TU, DV6-3205TX, DV6-3206AX, DV6-3206TX, DV6-3207AX, DV6-3207TU, DV6-3207TX, DV6-3208TU, DV6-3208TX, DV6-3209TU, DV6-3209TX, DV6-3210TU, DV6-3210TX, DV6-3210US, DV6-3211TU, DV6-3211TX, DV6-3212NR, DV6-3212TU, DV6-3212TX, DV6-3213TU, DV6-3213TX, DV6-3214NR, DV6-3214TU, DV6-3214TX, DV6-3215TU, DV6-3215TX, DV6-3216TU, DV6-3216TX, DV6-3216US, DV6-3217CL, DV6-3217TU, DV6-3217TX, DV6-3218TU, DV6-3218TX, DV6-3219TU, DV6-3219TX, DV6-3220TU, DV6-3220TX, DV6-3221TX, DV6-3222TX, DV6-3223CL, DV6-3223TX, DV6-3224TX, DV6-3225DX, DV6-3225TX, DV6-3226TX, DV6-3227CL, DV6-3230US, DV6-3231NR, DV6-3232NR, DV6-3234NR, DV6-3236NR, DV6-3237NR, DV6-3238NR, DV6-3239NR, DV6-3240br, DV6-3240CA, DV6-3240US, DV6-3243CL, DV6-3250US, DV6-3257CL, DV6-3257SB, DV6-3259WM, DV6-3263CL, DV6-3264CA, DV6-3267CL, DV6-3268CA, DV6-3270br, DV6-3270CA, DV6-3275CA, DV6-3278CA, DV6-3280CA, DV6-3284CA, DV6-3286CA, DV6-3287CL, DV6-3290br, DV6-3355CA, DV6-3370CA, DV6-3375CA, DV6-3385LA, DV6-3390LA
HP Pavilion dv6-4000 Entertainment Notebook PC:
DV6-4001XX, DV6-4024TX, DV6-4051NR, DV6-4052NR, DV6-4053CA, DV6-4087la

Always check inside your laptop LCD screen assembly for the part number before replacing. Laptop LCD screens may be compatible with other laptops. Laptop Manufacturers may use more than one type of LCD screen even different brand of LCD to install in the same laptop model. Please check with you manufacturer to ensure compatibility.

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