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HP Pavilion DV6000 DV9000 LCD Inverter 431391-001

Part Number 431391-001
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HP Pavilion DV6000 DV9000 LCD Inverter 431391-001
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HP Compaq Display panel power inverter - For use with single lamp display panel

General Information
Part Number 431391-001
Alternative Part Numbers 91.21066.034, AS023172093, AS0231721C1
Condition New
Manufacturer HP / Compaq


Compaq Presario V6000 Notebook Series: Presario V6000 CTO, V6000T CTO, V6000Z CTO, V6030US, V6048CL, V6048CL, V6100 CTO, V6200 CTO, V6806TU, V6807TU, V6808TU, V6810EE, V6810EI, EW585AV, EW586AV, EZ885AV, EZ885AVR, EW618AV, EW618AVR, EZ503UA, EZ503UAR, EZ502UA, EZ502UAR, EX993AV, EZ855AV, EZ855AVR, FE072PA, FE072PAR, FE073PA, FE073PAR, FE074PA, FE074PAR, FF516EA, FF534EA
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