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HP Pavilion TX1000 TX2000 TX2 4-Cell 37 Wh Battery 441131-001

Part Number 441131-001
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HP Pavilion TX1000 TX2000 TX2 4-Cell 37 Wh Battery 441131-001
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Original HP lightweight 4-Cell batteries are perfect for portability.

General Information
Part Number 441131-001
Alternative Part Numbers 441131-003
Condition New
Manufacturer HP / Compaq
Battery Type Li-Ion (Lithium)
Output Voltage 7.2 V
Capacity 37 Wh
Number of Cells 4


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HP TouchSmart TX2-1000 Series including:
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HP TouchSmart TX2-1100 Series including: TouchSmart TX2, tx2-1101au, tx2-1101et, tx2-1102au, tx2-1103au, tx2-1104au, tx2-1105au, tx2-1105ee, tx2-1105ei, tx2-1106au, tx2-1107au, tx2-1108au, tx2-1109au, tx2-1110au, tx2-1111au, tx2-1112au, tx2-1113au, tx2-1114au, tx2-1115au, tx2-1115ee, tx2-1116au, tx2-1117au, tx2-1118au, tx2-1119au, tx2-1120au, tx2-1121au, tx2-1122au, tx2-1123au, tx2-1124au, tx2-1125ee, tx2-1150ed, tx2-1150ef, tx2-1150eg, tx2-1150ep, tx2-1150es, tx2-1160ea, tx2-1160eo, tx2-1165ea,
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TouchSmart tx2-1200, tx2-1205au, tx2-1206au, tx2-1207au, tx2-1208au, tx2-1209au, tx2-1210au, tx2-1212au, tx2-1213au, tx2-1214au, tx2-1215au, tx2-1219au, tx2-1224ca, tx2-1244ca, tx2-1270us, tx2-1274nr, tx2-1275dx, tx2-1277nr, VH847PA, VH062PA, VH063PA, VH883PA, VH884PA, VH885PA, VH920PA, VH921PA, VH922PA, VJ955PA, VM769PA, VM769PAR, NV177UA, NV177UAR, NV176UA, NV176UAR, NV174UA, NV174UAR, NV179UA, NV179UAR, NV175UA, NV175UAR, NV178UA, NV178UAR
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HP Pavilion TX1000 TX1100 TX1200 TX1300 Battery RQ204AA
HP Pavilion TX1000 TX1100 TX1200 TX1300 Battery RQ204AA
Average Rating 0 Review(s)
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