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HP Pavilion ZE2000 Presario M2000 AMD Systemboard 394253-001

Part Number 394253-001
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HP Pavilion ZE2000 Presario M2000 AMD Systemboard 394253-001
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System board (motherboard) - With ATI RS480M chipset - Full-featured, 3 USB 2.0 ports, S-Video port, and IEEE-1394a port - 1600 x 1200 external resolution at 75Hz

General Information
Part Number 394253-001
Condition New
Manufacturer HP / Compaq


HP Compaq Presario M2000 Series Notebook PC: Presario M2000z, PV855AV, PV855AVR

HP Compaq Presario M2200 Series Notebook PC: Presario M2200, PV338AV, PV338AVR, PV339AV, PV339AVR
HP Compaq Presario M2500 Series Notebook PC: Presario M2500z, ET058AV, ET058AVR
HP Compaq Presario V2300 Series Notebook PC: Presario V2300, V2300Z, V2305US, V2310CA, V2310US, V2311US, V2312US, V2321US, V2398XX, PV340AV, PV341AV, PV341AVR, PV898AV, PV898AVR, EC177UA, EC181UA, EC181UAR, EC176UA, EC176UAR, EC186UA, EC186UAR, EC190UA, EC190UAR, EC188UA, EC188UAR, ED333AS,
HP Compaq Presario V2400 Series Notebook PC: Presario V2404US, V2409US, V2410CA, V2410CL, V2410US, V2413US, V2414NR, V2419US, V2424NR, EN784UA, EN784UAR, EH742UA, EH467UA, EH467UAR, EH743UA, EH743UAR, EH459UA, EH459UAR, EH738UA, EH738UAR, EH463UA, EH463UAR, EH740UA, EH462UA, EH462UAR,
HP Compaq Presario V2500 Series Notebook PC: Presario V2565CA, V2565US, V2570CA, V2570NR, V2575CA, V2575US, V2582US, ES306UA, ES306UAR, EP378UA, EP378UAR, ES307UA, ES307UAR, EP381UA, EP381UAR, ES308UA, ES308UAR, EP379UA, EP379UAR, EP444UA, EP444UAR
HP Compaq Presario V2600 Series Notebook PC: Presario V2600, V2600Z, V2605LA, V2607CA, V2630CA, V2630US, V2650CA, V2650US, V2670CA, EM703AV, EM703AVR,
EM702AV, EM702AVR, ET059AV, ET059AVR, RH233LA, EX655UA, EX655UAR, ET943UA, ET943UAR, ET933UA, ET933UAR, ET944UA, ET944UAR, ET934UA, EX629UA, EX629UAR
HP Pavilion ZE2000 Series Notebook PC: Pavilion ZE2000z, PV815AV, PV815AVR
HP Pavilion ZE2100 Series Notebook PC: Pavilion ze2114US, EC199UA
HP Pavilion ZE2200 Series Notebook PC: Pavilion ZE2200z, ze2201AP, ze2202AP, ze2203AP, ze2220LA,ze2240EA, ze2241EA, ze2242EA, ze2242EA, ze2247EA, ze2275EA, ze2296XX,ze2297xx, ze2299XX, PV336AV, PV336AVR, PV337AV, PV337AVR, EE473PA, EE474PA, EE475PA, EF124LA, EF133EA, EF138EA, EF138EAR, EF132EA, EF132EAR,
EF145EA, EF145EAR, EF144EA, EF144EAR, EF136EA, EF136EAR, EF345AS, EF344AS, ED326AS
HP Pavilion ZE2300 Series Notebook PC: Pavilion ZE2320LA, EN647LA
HP Pavilion ZE2500 Series Notebook PC: Pavilion ZE2500z, ET057AV, ET057AVR
HP Special Edition L2000 Series Notebook PC: Special Edition L2000, L2005A3, L2005A4, L2005CL, L2005CM, L2005CO, L2005CU, L2005US, L2098XX, L2099XX, EC435AV, EC436AV, EC440AV, EC440AVR, EL681AV, EL681AVR, EC191UA, EC191UAR, EC193UA, EC193UAR, EC184UA, EC184UAR, EP446UA, EP446UAR, EH735UA, EH735UAR, EC182UA, EC182UAR, EC178UA, EC178UAR EG578AS, EG578ASR, EG577AS, EG577ASR
HP Special Edition L2100 Series Notebook PC: Special Edition L2105CA, L2105CL, L2105NR, EH741UA, EH741UAR, EH736UA, EH736UAR, EH737UA, EH737UAR
HP Special Edition L2200 Series Notebook PC: Special Edition L2205NR, EP384UA, EP384UAR
HP Special Edition L2300 Series Notebook PC: Special Edition L2300, L2310CU, EM704AV, EM704AVR, ET060AV, ET060AVR, EZ623UA, EZ623UAR


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