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HP Pavilion dv6-1000 dv6-2000 Laptop Keyboard 518965-001

Part Number 518965-001
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HP Pavilion dv6-1000 dv6-2000 Laptop Keyboard 518965-001
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HP Pavilion DV6-1000 DV6-2000 Entertainment Notebook Series Keyboard assembly (IMR, Espresso Black) - Includes keyboard cable (US)

General Information
Part Number 518965-001
Alternate Part Number 530580-001, 574261-001, AEUT3U00140
Condition New
Manufacturer HP / Compaq


HP Pavilion dv6-1000 Entertainment Notebook Series: Pavilion DV6-1000, dv6-1054cl, NM132UA, NM132UAR
HP Pavilion dv6-1100 Entertainment Notebook Series: Pavilion DV6-1100, dv6-1101tx, dv6-1101xx, dv6-1102tx, dv6-1103ax, dv6-1103tx, dv6-1104ax, dv6-1104tx, dv6-1105ax, dv6-1105tx, dv6-1106ax, dv6-1106tx, dv6-1107ax, dv6-1108au, dv6-1108ax, dv6-1109au, dv6-1110au, dv6-1110ax, dv6-1111au, dv6-1111ax, dv6-1113tx, dv6-1114tx, dv6-1115tx, dv6-1116tx, dv6-1121tx, dv6-1122us, dv6-1124tx, dv6-1125tx, dv6-1126tx, dv6-1130tx, dv6-1134ax, dv6-1135ax, dv6-1136ax, dv6-1137tx, dv6-1138tx, dv6-1139tx, dv6-1140tx, dv6-1141tx, dv6-1142tx, dv6-1143tx, dv6-1144tx, dv6-1145tx, dv6-1146tx, dv6-1147tx, dv6-1148tx, dv6-1149tx, dv6-1151tx, dv6-1152tx, dv6-1153tx, dv6-1154tx, dv6-1155tx, dv6-1159tx, dv6-1160tx, dv6-1161tx, NQ169PA, NQ115AS, NQ170PA, NZ108PA, NZ108PAR, NQ186PA, NZ109PA, NZ109PAR, NQ187PA, NZ110PA, NZ110PAR, NQ224PA, NZ111PA, NZ111PAR, NQ225PA, NQ225PAR, NZ150PA, NZ150PAR, VA620PA, VA618PA, VA619PA, VA621PA, VB626PA, VB624PA, VB627PA, VB625PA, NT725PA, NT726PA, NT727PA, NT728PA, NW899PA, NM204UA, NM204UAR, NW921PA, NW951PA, NW951PAR, NW952PA, NW952PAR, NW973PA, NZ112PA, NZ112PAR, NZ113PA, NZ113PAR, NZ114PA, VA645PA, VA646PA, VA647PA, VA648PA, VA649PA, VA650PA, VA651PA, VA651PAR, VA659PA, VA660PA, VA661PA, VA662PA, VA663PA, VA664PA, VA676PA, VB620PA, VB621PA, VB622PA, VB623PA, VF039PA, VF039PAR, VF040PA, VF040PAR, VH077PA
HP Pavilion dv6-1200 Entertainment Notebook Series: Pavilion DV6-1200, dv6-1201tu, dv6-1201tx, dv6-1203ax, dv6-1204au, dv6-1204ax, dv6-1205au, dv6-1205ax, dv6-1206ax, dv6-1207ax, dv6-1208ax, dv6-1208tx, dv6-1209tx, dv6-1210ax, dv6-1210tx, dv6-1211ax, dv6-1211tx, dv6-1212ax, dv6-1212tx, dv6-1214ax, dv6-1215ax, dv6-1216ax, dv6-1217ax, dv6-1219tx, dv6-1220tx, dv6-1222ax, dv6-1222tx, dv6-1223ax, dv6-1223tx, dv6-1224tx, dv6-1225tx, dv6-1226tx, dv6-1227tx, dv6-1228tx, dv6-1229tx, dv6-1230tx, dv6-1230us, dv6-1231tx, dv6-1232tx, dv6-1234nr, dv6-1235tx, dv6-1236tx, dv6-1237tx, dv6-1238nr, dv6-1238tx, dv6-1239tx, dv6-1240tx, dv6-1240us, dv6-1241tx, dv6-1242tx, dv6-1243cl, dv6-1243tx, dv6-1244sb, dv6-1244tx, dv6-1245dx, dv6-1245tx, dv6-1246tx, dv6-1247cl, dv6-1247tx, dv6-1250tx, dv6-1250us, dv6-1252tx, dv6-1253cl, dv6-1254tx, dv6-1255tx, dv6-1256tx, dv6-1259dx, dv6-1261tx, dv6-1262tx, dv6-1263cl, dv6-1263tx, dv6-1264tx, dv6-1265tx, dv6-1266tx, dv6-1268nr, dv6-1280us, VH872PA, VB688PA, VH101PA, VH101PAR, VH915PA, VH102PA, VH102PAR, VH916PA, VH103PA, VH104PA, VH117PA, VH117PAR, VH118PA, VG484PA, VG485PA, VH913PA, VG501PA, VH914PA, VG528PA, VG528PAR, VJ968PA, VG529PA, VG529PAR, VK009PA, VK009PAR, VK012PA, VK012PAR, VK013PA, VK014PA, VK014PAR, VG552PA, VG553PA, VG553PAR, WC212PA, VH074PA, WC213PA, VH075PA, VH076PA, VH100PA, VH100PAR, VH115PA, VH116PA, VH845PA, VH845PAR, VH846PA, VH848PA, VH681UA, VH681UAR, VH849PA, VH850PA, NV085UA, NV085UAR, VH905PA, VH906PA, VH907PA, YA843UA, YA843UAR, VH908PA, VJ946PA, VJ946PAR, VJ947PA, VJ947PAR, NV067UA, NV067UAR, VJ948PA, VJ948PAR, VJ964PA, VJ964PAR, NV070UA, NV070UAR, VJ965PA, VH677UA, VH677UAR, VJ966PA, VJ966PAR, NV068UA, NV068UAR, VJ967PA, VK010PA, VK010PAR, NV084UA, NV084UAR, VK011PA, VK011PAR, VM727PA, NV079UA, NV079UAR, VM753PA, NV075UA, NV075UAR, VM770PA, VM770PAR, VM777PA, VM785PA, VH680UA, VH680UAR, VQ930PA, VT108PA, NV071UA, NV071UAR, VT109PA, VU432PA, VU433PA, VU986PA, VU986PAR, YA844UA, YA844UAR,NV138UA, NV138UAR
HP Pavilion dv6-1300 Entertainment Notebook Series: Pavilion DV6-1300, dv6-1300 CTO, dv6-1302xx, dv6-1303xx, dv6-1320tx, dv6-1334us, dv6-1350us, dv6-1351nr, dv6-1352dx, dv6-1353cl, dv6-1354us, dv6-1355dx, dv6-1359wm, dv6-1360us, dv6-1361sb, dv6-1362nr, dv6-1363cl, dv6-1364us, dv6-1375dx, dv6-1378nr, VC034AV, VC036AV, VC038AV, VR481AS, VR482AS, VV731PA, VV731PAR, VV256UA, VV256UAR, VM219UA, VM219UAR, VU144UA, VU144UAR, VY833UA, VY833UAR, VM223UA, VM223UAR, VU145UA, VU145UAR, VM222UA, VM222UAR, VR110UA, VR110UAR, VM218UA, VM218UAR, VR108UA, VR108UAR, VV252UA, VV252UAR, VR111UA, VR111UAR, VU146UA, VM220UA, VM220UAR, VV255UA, VV255UAR
HP Pavilion dv6-2000 Entertainment Notebook Series: Pavilion DV6-2000, dv6-2043us, dv6-2044dx, dv6-2051xx, dv6-2057cl, dv6-2066dx, dv6-2088dx, VM285UA, VM285UAR, VW883UA, VR705AS, VM284UA, VM284UAR, VW881UA, VW881UAR, VW882UA, VW882UAR
HP Pavilion dv6-2100 Entertainment Notebook Series: Pavilion DV6-2100, dv6-2144nr, dv6-2150us, dv6-2152nr, dv6-2155dx, dv6-2157sb, dv6-2157us, dv6-2157wm, dv6-2158nr, dv6-2162nr, dv6-2170us, dv6-2171nr, dv6-2173cl, dv6-2180us, dv6-2181nr, dv6-2182nr, dv6-2190us, dv6-2192nr, VM286UA, VM286UAR, WA779UA, WA779UAR, WA763UA, WA763UAR, WA781UA, WA781UAR, WA786UA, WA786UAR, WA874UA, WA874UAR, WH200UA, WH200UAR, WA875UA, WA875UAR, WH202UA, WH202UAR, WA778UA, WA778UAR, WH203UA, WH203UAR, WA782UA, WA782UAR, WA863UA, WA863UAR, WA872UA, WA872UAR, WA873UA, WA873UAR, WA783UA, WA783UAR, WH204UA, WH204UAR
HP Pavilion dv6t-1000 Entertainment Notebook Series: Pavilion DV6t-1000 CTO, FV155AV, FV157AV
HP Pavilion dv6t-1100 Entertainment Notebook Series: Pavilion DV6t-1100 CTO, FV159AV, NB634AV, NB636AV
HP Pavilion dv6t-1200 Entertainment Notebook Series: Pavilion DV6t-1200 CTO, FV161AV, FV165AV, FV167AV
HP Pavilion dv6t-2000 Entertainment Notebook Series: Pavilion DV6t-2000 CTO, NQ615AV
HP Pavilion dv6t-2100 Entertainment Notebook Series: Pavilion DV6t-2100 CTO, VG430AV, VG432AV, VG434AV, VG436AV, VV451AV, WH770AV, WH772AV
HP Pavilion dv6t-2300 Entertainment Notebook Series: Pavilion DV6t-2300 CTO, WM828AV
HP Pavilion dv6z-1000 Entertainment Notebook Series: Pavilion DV6z-1000 CTO, NB649AV, NB650AV, NB651AV
HP Pavilion dv6z-1100 Entertainment Notebook Series: Pavilion DV6z-1100 CTO, NT592AV, NT593AV, NT594AV
HP Pavilion dv6z-2000 Entertainment Notebook Series: Pavilion DV6z-2000 CTO, NS876AV, NS877AV, NS878AV
HP Pavilion dv6z-2100 Entertainment Notebook Series: Pavilion DV6z-2100 CTO, VP106AV, VP107AV, VP108AV, VR970AV


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