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HP Pavilion dv6000 dv9000 Wifi Card 407159-001 BCM94311MCG

Part Number 407159-001
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HP Pavilion dv6000 dv9000 Wifi Card 407159-001 BCM94311MCG
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HP Mini PCI 802.11b/g HS embedded wireless LAN (WLAN) card (Broadcom, Most-of-world)

General Information
Part Number 407159-001
Alternative Part Numbers 407159-002, 395261-001, BCM94311MCG, 407107-001, 416376-001
Condition New
Manufacturer HP / Compaq


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HP Pavilion dv2400 Notebook PC: Pavilion dv2413cl, GA535UA, GA535UAR

HP Pavilion dv6000 Notebook PC: Pavilion dv6000 CTO, dv6000t CTO, dv6000z CTO, dv6040ca, dv6040us, dv6045nr, dv6058cl, EW434AV, EW434AVR, EW435AV, EW435AVR, EW468AV, EW468AVR, EZ829AV, EZ829AVR, RD167AV, RD167AVR, EZ474UA, EZ474UAR, EZ473UA, EZ473UAR, EZ475UA, EZ475UAR, EZ472UA, EZ472UAR
HP Pavilion dv6100 Notebook PC: Pavilion dv6100 CTO, EX992AV
HP Pavilion dv6200 Notebook PC:
Pavilion dv6200 CTO, EZ796AV, EZ796AVR, RD862AV
HP Pavilion dv6300 Notebook PC: Pavilion dv6305ca, dv6307ca, dv6308ca, dv6315ca, dv6327ca, dv6353ca, GA129UA, GA129UAR, GA213UA, GA213UAR, GA218UA, GA218UAR, GA131UA, GA131UAR, GA219UA, GA219UAR, GA215UA, GA215UAR
HP Pavilion dv6400 Notebook PC: Pavilion dv6400a CTO, dv6409wm, dv6427cl, NC269AV, GA452UA, GA452UAR, GA451UA, GA451UAR

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HP Pavilion dv9300 Notebook PC: Pavilion dv9310ca, dv9315ca, dv9317ca, dv9318ca, dv9320ca, GA075UA, GA075UAR, GA076UA, GA076UAR, GA077UA, GA077UAR, GA078UA, GA078UAR, GA074UA, GA074UAR
HP Pavilion dv9400 Notebook PC:
Pavilion dv9400z CTO, GD574AV

HP Pavilion tx1000 Notebook PC::: Pavilion tx1000 CTO, tx1000z CTO, RD192AV, RD192AVR, RD223AV, RD223AVR, GD617AV


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