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HP Pavilion hdx9000 hdx9100 hdx9200 180w ac adapter GL690AA

Part Number GL690AA
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HP Pavilion hdx9000 hdx9100 hdx9200 180w ac adapter GL690AA
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Enjoy the flexibility and convenience of having an extra AC adapter for your Pavilion HDX 9000 series notebook PC, whether you're at home, in the office, or traveling. You can leave one adapter at your desk and keep one in your carrying case for quick plug-in. And you'll no longer need to climb under the desk to unplug the cable or tussle with tangled cords.

AC adapter - Input voltage 100-240VAC - Output voltage 180-watt, power factor correction (PFC) technology - Smart multipin

General Information
Part Number GL690AA
Alternative Part Numbers GL690AA#ABA, 448160-001, 393948-002, 397804-001, 397748-001, PA-1181-02
Condition New
Manufacturer HP / Compaq
Input 100-240VAC 2.9A 50-60Hz
Output 19V x 9.5A - 180W
Features Power Factor Correction (PFC) Technology


All HP Pavilion HDX 9000 Series including: HDX9000, HDX9000T CTO, HDX9001TX, HDX9001XX MV IUR, HDX9002TX, HDX9002XX MV IUR, HDX9003TX, HDX9003XX MV-IUR, HDX9004TX, HDX9004XX MV-IUR, HDX9005TX, HDX9006TX, HDX9007TX, HDX9008TX, HDX9009TX, HDX9010NR, HDX9010TX, HDX9011TX, HDX9013TX, HDX9050EF, HDX9050EG, HDX9070EO, HDX9080LA, HDX9090EA, HDX9090EF, HDX9095EA, HDX9095EL, HDX9095EO, HDX9095ES, KR835AV, RV995AV, RW031AV, GN384PA, GP009AS, GS057PA, GS057PAR, GP014AS, GS070PA, GS070PAR, GP015AS, GS069PA, GS069PAR, GP016AS, GS081PA, GS082PA, GS102PA, GS102PAR, GS113PA, GS113PAR, GS114PA, GS114PAR, GA684UA, GA684UAR, GU003PA, GU003PAR, GU004PA, GX918PA, GX918PAR, GS598EA, GS598EAR, GS485EA, GS485EAR, GS483EA, GS483EAR, GX286LA, GS487EA, GS599EA, GS599EAR, GS484EA, GS484EAR, GS480EA, GS480EAR, GS481EA, GS481EAR, GS479EA, GS479EAR
All HP Pavilion HDX 9100 Series including: HDX9100, HDX9101TX, HDX9102TX, HDX9103TX, HDX9104TX, HDX9105TX, HDX9106TX, HDX9107TX, HDX9108TX, HDX9109TX, HDX9110TX, HDX9111TX, HDX9120EA, HDX9130EG, HDX9130EL, HDX9130EO, HDX9130ES, HDX9150EF, HDX9160EA, HDX9170EO, HDX9190EF, GT952PA, GU038PA, GU039PA, GX831PA, GX871PA, GZ337PA, GZ398PA, GZ399PA, GZ399PAR, GZ400PA, KB145PA, KB146PA, GS488EA, GS488EAR, CG644EA, CG644EAR, CG526EA, CG526EAR, CG525EA, CG525EAR, GS600EA, GS600EAR, CG641EA, CG641EAR, CG643EA, CG643EAR, CG527EA, CG642EA, CG642EAR
All HP Pavilion HDX 9200 Series including: HDX9200, HDX9200T, GW473AV
All HP Pavilion HDX 9300 Series including:
HDX9300, HDX9316tx, HDX9317TX, HDX9318TX, HDX9319TX, HDX9320TX, HDX9321TX, HDX9322TX, HDX9323TX, HDX9324TX, HDX9399SX, FE098PA, FE127PA, FE128PA, FE129PA, FE130PA, FF345PA, FF346PA, FF347PA, FF348PA, KN960UA
All HP Pavilion HDX 9400 Series including: HDX9400, HDX9401TX, HDX9478LA, HDX9480LA, HDX9494NR, FF425PA, FG849LA, FG850LA, FE882UA, FE882UAR
All HP Pavilion HDX 9500 Series including: HDX9572LA, KC667LA

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