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HP Presario V5000 15.4" WXGA Glossy Widescreen LCD Screen

Part Number 407842-001
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HP Presario V5000 15.4" WXGA Glossy Widescreen LCD Screen
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15.4-inch WXGA widescreen display panel - Features the Brightview (BV) technology - Resolution up to 1280 x 800 pixels (Presario)

Includes the display inverter board (407800-001) display hinge (407797-001) display plastics (407793-001) and wireless antenna (410118-001)

General Information
Part Number 407842-001
Alternative Part Number *407840-001
Condition Refurbished
Manufacturer HP / Compaq
Size 15.4"
Resolution WXGA
Number of Pixels 1,280 x 800
*This LCD screen is a direct replacement for 407840-001 (antiglare) LCD


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All HP Compaq Pavilion V5200 Series including:
Presario V5201US, Presario V5204NR, Presario V5207NR, Presario V5210US, Presario V5201CA, Presario V5205NR, Presario V5206OM, Presario V5208CA, Presario V5209US, Presario V5210CA, Presario V5215LA, Presario V5218LA, Presario V5220EA, Presario V5221EA, Presario V5222EA, Presario V5236EU, Presario V5243TU, Presario V5245eu, Presario V5248TU, Presario V5249TU, Presario V5250TU, Presario V5251TU, Presario V5253TU, Presario V5254TU, Presario V5255TU, Presario V5256TU, Presario V5257TU, Presario V5258TU, Presario V5259TU, Presario V5260TU, Presario V5261TU, EZ564UAR, EZ564UA, EZ536UAR, EZ536UA
All HP Compaq Pavilion V5300 Series including:
Presario V5303NR, Presario V5304US, Presario V5305WM, Presario V5306US, Presario V5307US, Presario V5308US, Presario V5310US, Presario V5315WM, EZ572UAR, EZ572UA, EZ573UAR, EZ573UA, EZ574UAR, EZ574UA, RG324UAR, RG324UA, RG325UAR, RG325UA, RG326UAR, RG326UA, RG327UAR, RG327UA

Always check inside your laptop LCD screen assembly for the part number before replaceing. Laptop LCD screens may be compatible with other laptops. Laptop Manufacturers may use more than one type of LCD screen even different brand of LCD to install in the same laptop model. Please check with you manufacturere to ensure compatibility.

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