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HP Tablet PC TC4400 65 Watt Smart AC Adapter 391172-001

Part Number ED494AA-2
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HP Tablet PC TC4400 65 Watt Smart AC Adapter 391172-001
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Provides a convenient and portable power source for use in a mobile environment Shared across all HP Business Notebooks for a convenient, worry-free experience Energy-efficient power adapters designed to draw minimal power Integrated surge protector to guard against power fluctuations 65-watt Smart AC adapter design enables optimum system performance Recharges notebook battery when attached to electrical outlet and/or automobile power charger (depending on model) Compact design makes HP Smart Adapters an ideal travel companion.

General Information
Part Number 391172-001
Alternative Part Numbers ED494AA*, 384019-001, 391172-001, 418872-001, 419107-001
Condition New
Manufacturer HP / Compaq
Input 100-240V/ 50-60Hz
Output 18.5V x 3.5A
Power 65 Watt
Dimensions 4.17 x 1.85 x 1.1 in
* legacy platform dongle is not included.


HP Compaq TC4400 Tablet Notebook PC Series: TC4400, EN356UT, EN356UTR, EN357UT, EN357UTR, EN358UA, EN358UAR, EY268EA, EY268EAR, EY269EA, EY270EA, EY477ES, EY477ESR, EY531ES, EY531ESR, EY544ES, EY544ESR, EY545ES, EY608EA, EY608EAR, EY609EA, EY610EA, GA061PC, GA306EP, GA306EPR, GA668UP, GA784PA, GA785PA, GA785PAR, GA808PA, GA809PA, GA810PA, GA811PA, GA831PA, GA832PA, GA854PA, GA855PA, GA941UC, GB446US, GB459US, GB489US, GB517US, GB519US, GB532US, GB533US, GB535US, GB538US, GB584US, GB584USR, GB601US, GB654US, GB672US, GB672USR, GB687US, GB687USR, GB691US, GB715US, GB766US, GB805US, GB816US, GB913ES, GC029ES, GC053ES, GC066ES, GC074ES, GC093ES, GC093ESR, GC281EP, GC288LA, GC937PA, GC938PA, GC953PA, GD198UC, GE179UP, GE339UC, GE498LA, GE514EC, GE632UP, GE641UP, GE786PA, GE803PA, GE805PA, GE805PAR, GE865UC, GE866UC, GE895US, GE896US, GE911US, GE911USR, GE927US, GE957US, GE974US, GE983US, GF004US, GF025US, GF051US, GF115US, GF115USR, GF126US, GF127US, GF136US, GF177US, GF194US, GF208US, 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Feature: 882780004597
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