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IBM Lenovo R500 T500 W500 15.4" WXGA LCD Screen 42T0484

Part Number LP154WX5-TLB2
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IBM Lenovo R500 T500 W500 15.4" WXGA LCD Screen 42T0484
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Lenovo ThinkPad R500, T500 and W500 LCD panel, 15.4 inch. WXGA

General Information
Part Number LP154WX5-TLB2
Alternative Part Numbers 42T0483, 42T0484
Condition Refurbished
Manufacturer LG Philips / IBM Lenovo
Size 15.4"
Resolution WXGA
Number of Pixels 1280 x 800


IBM Lenovo ThinkPad T500 and W500 (15.4") Series including: ThinkPad T500, W500

Following type models are compatiable:

2055-CTO, 2Lx, 2Nx, 48x
2082-CTO, 3Mx, 3Nx, 58x, 66x, 67x, 68x, 69x, 6Ax, 6Fx, 6Gx, 6Ux, 6Vx
2089-CTO, 2Hx, 2Jx, 2Kx, 2Lx, 2Mx, 2Rx, 2Vx, 2Yx, 3Hx, 3Jx, 3Kx, 3Lx, 3Mx, 3Nx, 3Px, 3Qx, 3Rx, 3Sx, 3Tx, 3Ux, 3Vx, 58x, 59x, 5Ax, 5Nx, 5Qx, 5Xx, 5Yx, E1x, E2x, E3x
2241-CTO, 3Wx, 3Xx, 3Yx, 3Zx, 42x, 43x, 44x, 58x, 5Sx, 5Tx, E1x, E2x, E3x
2242-CTO, 22x, 23x, 26x, 28x, 32x, 33x, 34x, 35x, 36x, 37x, 38x, 3Ax, 4Ex, 4Fx, 55x, 5Ex, 5Fx, 5Vx
2243-CTO, 2Cx, 3Bx, 3Cx, 4Dx, 4Ex, 4Lx, 4Mx, 56x, 57x, 5Bx, 5Cx, 5Dx, 5Fx, 5Jx, 5Kx, 5Lx
2246-CTO, 4Bx
2247-CTO, 4Cx
2261-CTO, 2Fx, 2Hx, 3Dx, 3Ex, 3Fx, 3Gx

IBM Lenovo ThinkPad R500 (15.4 inch) Series including: ThinkPad R500

2713-CTO, 3Fx, 3Gx, 3Hx, 3Jx, 5Jx, 5Kx, 5Lx, 5Mx, 7Ax, 7Bx
2714-CTO, 34x, 36x, 37x, 38x, 39x, 3Ax, 3Bx, 3Cx, 3Dx,3Ex, 4Lx, 4Mx, 4Nx, 4Px, 4Qx, 4Rx, 4Sx, 4Tx, 4Ux,4Vx, 4Wx, 4Xx, 4Yx, 4Zx, 53x, 54x, 55x, 56x, 57x, 58x,59x, 5Ax, 5Bx, 5Cx, 5Dx, 5Ux, 5Vx, 5Wx, 5Xx, 5Yx, 5Zx, 62x, 63x, 64x, 65x, 66x, 67x, 68x, 69x, 6Ax, 6Bx, 6Cx, 6Dx, 6Ex, 6Gx, 6Hx, 76x, 77x, 78x, 79x, 7Jx, 7Kx, 7Lx, 7Mx, 7Nx, 7Px, 7Qx, 7Sx, 7Tx, 7Ux, 7Vx, 7Wx, 7Xx, 7Yx, 8Lx, 8Mx, E2x, E3x, E4x, E5x, E6x, E7x, E8x, E9x, EAx
2716-CTO, 3Kx, 3Lx, 3Mx, 3Nx, 3Px, 3Rx, 3Tx, 3Ux, 3Vx, 3Wx, 3Xx, 3Yx, 3Zx, 42x, 43x, 44x, 45x, 5Nx, 5Px, 5Qx, 5Tx, 6Jx, 6Kx, 6Lx, 6Mx, 6Nx, 6Px, 6Qx, 6Rx, 6Sx, 6Tx, 7Cx, 7Dx, 7Ex, 7Gx, 7Hx, 7Rx, 82x, 83x, 85x, 87x, 88x, 89x, 8Bx, 8Cx, 8Dx, 8Ex, 8Nx, 8Px, EBx, ECx
2717-CTO, 5Gx, 5Hx, 75x, 7Zx
2718-CTO, 3Kx, 3Lx, 3Mx, 49x, 4Ax, 4Bx, 4Cx, 4Dx, 4Ex, 6Lx, 6Vx, 6Wx, 6Xx, 6Yx, 8Fx, 8Gx, 8Hx, 8Jx, 8Kx, 8Qx, 8Rx
2719-CTO, 5Rx
2720-CTO, 5Sx
2731-CTO, 39x, 4Nx, 4Px
2732-CTO, 3Wx, 43x, 44x, 45x, 4Ax, 4Bx, 4Cx, 4Dx, 4Fx, 4Gx, 4Hx, 4Mx, 53x, 54x, 59x, 5Ax, 5Wx, 5Zx, 6Dx, 6Lx
2733-CTO, 3Bx, 3Cx, 3Dx, 3Fx, 4Tx, 4Ux, 5Hx, 65x, 67x, 6Nx, 6Qx, 6Ux, 6Wx
2735-CTO, 6Zx, 72x

Always check inside your laptop LCD screen assembly for the part number before replaceing. Laptop LCD screens may be compatible with other laptops. Laptop Manufacturers may use more than one type of LCD screen even different brand of LCD to install in the same laptop model. Please check with your manufacturer to ensure compatibility.

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