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LED, LCD or Plasma: Which TV Is Right for You?

Posted by Roland Zeren on 10/29/2013
Plasma, LCD and LED look very similar at first sight. Each sports a flat screen and a thin profile, however there are significant differences to consider when choosing the TV that is right for your needs and personal preferences. Each piece of technology has different strengths and weaknesses. Decide which television offers the most benefits for you. 

Choose a plasma television if you want a large screen that is 50 inches and above because they have the edge in picture quality over LCDs and LEDs. When blown up to an enormous size, the image still remains clear, sharp and close to reality. Plasma screens utilize a matrix system of microscopic gas plasma cells that electrical voltages charge to create an image on screen. LCD screens use two glass plates with liquid crystals in between to create an image. While LCDs technically give you better resolution because of the liquid crystals, they are not comparable to the sharpness of plasmas. LCD TVs are great if you want a slim and elegant look instead of huge plasmas. 

For daytime viewing, try an LCD TV as they perform better during the day due to their backlighting system. Purchase a plasma to create a movie theater vibe to your home when watching a film or show as they perform the best in the dark. If bright, vibrant and true-to-life color is what you are after, then purchase an LED TV because LEDs produce a wide range of colors due to their edge lighting technology. Edge lighting technology employs a system of quantum dots and blue LEDs that deliver realistic reds, greens and blues creating a more lifelike image on screen. However, LEDs lack the ability to produce true blacks, which reduces the picture quality. 

The decision between plasmas, LCDs and LEDs is entirely dependent on your preferences since each TV brings a different feature to the table. There is no clear winner or loser. Weigh the costs and benefits of buying each TV, and decide which design looks best in your home or office to choose the TV that is right for you.

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