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Think About Getting an Ergonomic Mouse

Posted by Roland on 1/2/2014

People who spend long periods of time each day working on a computer run the risk of developing mouse-hand injuries; the kind that appear from repetitive use such as tendonitis and carpal tunnel syndrome.  And each click of the mouse can draw them closer to eventual debilitation from such injury.   A regular mouse will only serve to exacerbate the condition, so if you are someone who works with a standard mouse, itís worth it to consider switching to an ergonomic mouse, regardless of whether you have begun to notice discomfort when you use your mouse or not.


An ergonomic mouse usually comes with a design featuring indentations for the specific areas where you should place each individual finger, including your thumb.  It offers a broad, raised surface upon which the palm is to rest.  Youíll need to know up front which hand you want to use your mouse with, as they come specifically designed for either hand, and the more frequently you use your computer, the more comfort youíll receive from the choice of an ergonomic mouse.  The unique design function of an ergonomic mouse is that it places the hand in an optimum position whereby the muscles of the hand, arm and shoulder work together in sympatico, allowing for maximum relaxation from shared support.


The natural position in which the hand is kept while using an ergonomic mouse results in less strain overall, thereby decreasing the chance of a physical injury resulting from prolonged, unnatural movements.  These mice often bear some features that can be adjusted, and overall, the ergonomic mice weigh less than their counterparts, which means less effort is needed on your part to use them.  And if you use one in the workplace, share this information with your boss, as it is highly likely that increased comfort and a reduction in injuries resulting from replacing all the companyís mice with ergonomic mice will ultimately result in a higher production rate with less errors and no injuries.

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