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Toshiba Portege M200 M400 M700 Tablet Pen PA3316U-3ETC

Part Number PA3316U-3ETC
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Toshiba Portege M200 M400 M700 Tablet Pen PA3316U-3ETC
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This Toshiba Digital Tablet PC Pen is designed to work with Toshiba Satellite R10, R15, R20, R25; Portege M200, M205, M400, M405, M700, M750; Tecra M4 and M7 series Tablet PCs. It lets you interact with your Tablet PC in a more natural way by incorporating the convenient and intuitive aspects of pen and paper into the PC experience.

Using this tablet pen and tablet PC input panel, you can write directly on the screen and save your notes in your own handwriting or convert them to typed text for use in other applications. The pen can also handle common mouse and keyboard tasks like opening applications, selecting text and displaying menus. Since the grid provides the power to the pen through resonant coupling, no batteries are required. Keep a spare pen handy.

Includes 5 additional pen tips and a metal ring for easy removal of tip (pen tip puller)

General Information
Part Number P000455020
Alternative Part Numbers PA3316U-3ETC, PA3316U-2ETC, PA3316U-1ETC, G83C00038910
Condition New
Manufacturer Toshiba
*This Digital Tablet PC Pen is the direct replacement for Toshiba Digital Tablet PC Pen Mfr. Part# PA3316U-1ETC and PA3316U-2ETC


Toshiba Satellite R10 Series including: Satellite R10, R10-S613, R10-S802TD, R10-S804TD, R10-S820
Toshiba Satellite R15 Series including: Satellite R15, R15-S822, R15-S8222, R15-S829
Toshiba Satellite R20 Series including: Satellite R20, R20-ST4113, R20-ST2081
Toshiba Satellite R25 Series including: Satellite R25, R25-S3503, R25-S3513
Toshiba Portege M200 Series:
Portege M200, M200-0086E, M200-02QH1, M200-19T114, M200-19T294, M200-101, M200-102, M200-106, M200-122, M200-152, M200-170, M200-171, M200-172, M200-173, M200 MA, M200-S218TD, M200-S838
Toshiba Portege M205 Series:
Portege M205, M205-S809, M205-S810, M205, M205-S209
Toshiba Portege M400 Series including:
Portege M400, M400-100, M400-120, M400-40, M400-60, M400-80, M400-S933, M405-100, M400-EZ5031, M400-ST4001, M400-ST4035, M400-ST9113, M400-S4031, M400-S4032, M400-S4033, M400-S4034, M400-S4035, M400-S5032, M400-S5032X, M400-S933
Toshiba Portege M405 Series including: Portege M405, M405-S8003
Toshiba Portege M700 Series including: Portege M700, M700-S7001X, M700-S7002, M700-S7003V, M700-S7003X, M700-S7004V, M700-S7004X, M700-S7005V, M700-S7005X, M700-S7008, M700-S7008X, M700-S7043V, M700-S7043X, M700-S7044V, M700-S7044X
Toshiba Portege M750 Series including: Portege M750, M750-ST7258, M750-S7201, M750-S7202, M750-S7211, M750-S7212, M750-S7213, M750-S7221, M750-S7222, M750-S7223, M750-S7241, M750-S7242, M750-S7243
Toshiba Tecra M4 Series including: Tecra M4, M4-ST1112, M4-S115TD, M4-S315, M4-S335, M4-S415, M4-S435
Toshiba Tecra M7 Series including: Tecra M7, M7-ST4013, M7-S7311, M7-S7331

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