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Toshiba Satellite A60 A65 A70 A75 M30X M35X P30 DVD/CD-RW Combo

Part Number K000015770
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Toshiba Satellite A60 A65 A70 A75 M30X M35X P30 DVD/CD-RW Combo
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Toshiba Satellite A60 A65 A70 A75 M30X M35X P30 DVD/CD-RW Combo

General Information
Part Number K000015770
Alternative Part Numbers K000015790, UJDA760, V000041800
Condition Refurbished
Manufacturer Toshiba
Bruner Type CD-RW / DVD-ROM (Combo)
Speeds 8X DVD-ROM Read
24X CD-ROM Read
24X CD-R, CD-RW Write
Features Buffer Underrun Prevention


All Toshiba Satellite A70 Series including: Satellite A70, Satellite A70-40, Satellite A70-60, Satellite A70-80, Satellite A70-S2362, Satellite A70-S2482, Satellite A70-S249, Satellite A70-S2491, Satellite A70-S256, Satellite A70-S2561, Satellite A70-S259, Satellite A70-S125, Satellite A70-S1251, Satellite A70-S1252, Satellite A70-S1253, Satellite A70-S1254, Satellite A70-S1255, Satellite A70-S206, Satellite A70-S209, Satellite A70-S2591, Satellite A70-S211, Satellite A70-S213, Satellite A70-S226, Satellite A70-S229, Satellite A70-S231,
All Toshiba Satellite A75 Series including: Satellite A75-S125, Satellite A75-S1251, Satellite A75-S1252, Satellite A75-S1253, Satellite A75-S1254, Satellite A75-S1255, Satellite A75-S206, Satellite A75-S2061, Satellite A75-S209, Satellite A75-S2091, Satellite A75-S211, Satellite A75-S2111, Satellite A75-S2112, Satellite A75-S213, Satellite A75-S2131, Satellite A75-S226, Satellite A75-S2261, Satellite A75-S229, Satellite A75-S2291, Satellite A75-S2293, Satellite A75-S231, Satellite A75-S2311, Satellite A75-S276, Satellite A75-SP213, Satellite A75
All Toshiba Satellite A60 Series including: Satellite A60 , Satellite A60-30, Satellite A60-40, Satellite A60-60, Satellite A60-S1072, Satellite A60-S1173, Satellite A60-S156, Satellite A60-S1561, Satellite A60-S159, Satellite A60-S1591, Satellite A60-S1592, Satellite A60-S166, Satellite A60-S1661, Satellite A60-S1662, Satellite A60-S1691, Satellite A60-S176
All Toshiba Satellite A65 Series including: Satellite A65, Satellite A65-S1062, Satellite A65-S1063, Satellite A65-S1064, Satellite A65-S1065, Satellite A65-S1066, Satellite A65-S1067, Satellite A65-S1068, Satellite A65-S1069, Satellite A65-S1070, Satellite A65-S109, Satellite A65-S1091, Satellite A65-S126, Satellite A65-S1261, Satellite A65-S136, Satellite A65-S1361, Satellite A65-S1362, Satellite A65-S1662, Satellite A65-S1762, Satellite A65-S176, Satellite A65-S1762
All Toshiba Satellite M30X Series including: Satellite M30X, Satellite M30X-40, Satellite M30X-S114, Satellite M30X-S1592, Satellite M30X-S1592ST, Satellite M30X-S1593ST, Satellite M30X-S171, Satellite M30X-S181, Satellite M30X-S191, Satellite M30X-S214, Satellite M30X-S221, Satellite M30X-S234, Satellite M30X-SP114
All Toshiba Satellite M35X Series including: Satellite M35X, Satellite M35X-S109, Satellite M35X, Satellite M35X-S111, Satellite M35X-S114, Satellite M35X-S1141, Satellite M35X-S1142, Satellite M35X-S1143, Satellite M35X-S149, Satellite M35X-S1491, Satellite M35X-S1492, Satellite M35X-S161, Satellite M35X-S1611, Satellite M35X-S163, Satellite M35X-S1631, Satellite M35X-SP114, Satellite M35X-S309, Satellite M35X-S3091, Satellite M35X-S311, Satellite M35X-S3111, Satellite M35X-S3112, Satellite M35X-S329, Satellite M35X-S3291, Satellite M35X-S349, Satellite M35X-S3491, Satellite M35X-SP161, Satellite M35X-SP171
All Toshiba Satellite P30 Series including: Satellite P30 , Satellite P30-100, Satellite P30-40, Satellite P30-60, Satellite P30-80, Satellite P30-S6362, Satellite P30-S6363, Satellite P30-S701TD

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