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What You Should Know Before Upgrading Your Laptop Memory

Posted by Roland on 11/15/2013

The first thing you should know before upgrading the memory on your laptop is what type of memory it requires. You can usually find the answer to that question by looking either in the system tools section of your laptop or in the material included with the laptop. Another possibility is a sticker somewhere on the body of your laptop. 

Once you discover the type of RAM that your laptop takes, the next order of business is to decide how much RAM you need to achieve a better performing machine. If you run a lot of applications on your laptop, a gigabyte or more is probably what you need. Consider how much RAM your computer currently has and how much you can add to it. Fortunately, once you decide on the type and how much RAM you need, installing it is fairly straightforward. 

Remove your computer from all power sources, including the battery, then remove the bottom of the machine. Upon opening the back, you should see two slots for RAM. If both slots are occupied, removing one of the modules is necessary. The RAM should install easily, requiring little pressure to push the stick into place. Do not force the stick if it is difficult. Difficulty sliding it into place may indicate that you have the wrong type of RAM. 

Upon installing the extra RAM, your laptop should recognize it immediately the next time it starts up. The menu showing your currently installed memory should add the new module to the previous one or the one you left in the computer. The only thing left is to enjoy your new, faster computer.

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