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Why You Don't Need an Ergonomically Correct Keyboard

Posted by Roland Zeren on 10/16/2013
It's the typical scenario. Hours upon hours of typing each day in a poorly lit office - this is commonplace for millions of people in the United States and throughout the world. The aches and pains begin like clockwork every day, the constant typing leaving you with chronic wrist pain and not much that anyone can do about it aside from medicating the problem. Even then, pain medication is not a guaranteed fix and certainly not a cure.

Enter the ergonomically correct keyboard. This keyboard was designed to keep your hands from twisting, which occurs as you move your hand, by itself, from the wrist without moving your forearm, through it's modern updated split. It's this specific movement made over and over that causes wrist pain to sometimes shoot up through your elbow and sometimes cause cysts to start forming on your wrists.

Many doctors and professionals in the medical community agree that this updated keyboard is not the answer when it comes to a long term solution and can sometimes make the pain even worse. Contorting your wrists and fingers in unnatural positions over time can actually create more pain, only in different areas due to the lack of support. The answer to this all too common problem is re-training yourself to type. Healthy typing is a new method of typing that actually does not require fancy keyboards or hundreds of dollars. A standard keyboard is ideal because of the way your fingers, hands and wrists align correctly, it's the way that you type that requires adjusting.

Learning to type correctly can mean the difference between constant pain and doing your job effortlessly for decades, so don't spend hundreds of dollars on equipment that doesn't work and makes your situation worse. 

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