A Thorough Checklist for Evaluating an Auto Body Shop’s Quality

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Auto body shops that take quality seriously create a great impression on customers and insurance adjusters. It helps them keep shop rates reasonable and avoid unnecessary customer charges. However, achieving this goal requires disciplined follow-through on all jobs to meet OEM standards. The best way to do this is with detailed scheduling.


Paint is a decorative and protective coating that consists of pigments suspended in a vehicle, often a resin dissolved in a solvent. The car dries to form a tough film, binding the pigment to the surface. Some additives provide specific paint qualities like mildew resistance. The best body shops ensure each step in the process is done correctly, using a checklist to verify quality. It prevents expensive re-dos.

An auto body shop Denver CO must inspect every vehicle before moving it to the next stage of the repair. For example, the RPM will check vehicles when the body department finishes them before moving to the paint booth. This courtesy check not only ensures that the job was done correctly but also that there are no problems that would delay the painting process or cause issues with the quality of the finish. It prevents re-dos and boosts the customer’s trust in the shop.


Inspections are an essential part of any auto repair. They safeguard customer trust while enabling shops to upsell recommended services and drive revenue. For example, courtesy checks are key for auto body shops to reassure customers that their vehicles were thoroughly inspected before they left the shop. Often, inspections involve reviewing the work that various departments within the shop perform. It’s done by a designated manager or quality control technician who examines the work for defects and signs off on the task before it is moved to the next department.

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Detailed checklists can cover everything from cosmetic accuracy to safety features. Checking that all paint nozzles are working properly is necessary to avoid costly do-overs. Verifying that suspension or wheel alignment was completed correctly can prevent issues. Some inspections even include a test drive to check that creature comforts like power seats and seat adjustment are functioning as expected.


Ensure that every step in the repair process is completed with quality. Aim for seamless repairs, cosmetic precision, and all components to work together properly. It requires a system to ensure the entire repair is done according to OEM specifications. It is the responsibility of the shop manager or the person who writes estimates in your shop. Checks can include seeing the right parts used to ensure the paint was properly prepped. Even things like guaranteeing the service caps have been replaced on radiator overflow tanks, air conditioning fittings and windshield washer fluid reservoirs. Similarly, checking that the plastic liners and shields that close out many underbody areas have been reinstalled.

A multi-point inspection checklist is a great way to build quality into the repair and keep track of important details that may be overlooked in the rush to complete the job. It is also an excellent tool for communicating with customers about the progress of their repairs and what was done to their vehicles.


It’s important to check for quality every time a vehicle moves from one department to another. For example, a body technician should inspect a car before it goes to paint and again after it comes out of the spray booth. It ensures that technicians follow proper procedures for each process step. A courtesy check is an excellent way to earn customers’ trust and boost shop revenue. These inspections identify additional work that might be needed on a car. It allows shops to expand their workload and increase the average repair order. The best auto body shops combine traditional expertise with advanced technology. Using software to access OEM repair specifications leads to more skilled technicians, more satisfied customers and a healthier bottom line.